Step Into Your Next Level of Income with

 Confidence & Clarity

With the support of a Master Certified Life & Business Coach

Step Into Your Next Level of Income with

 Confidence & Clarity

With the support of a Master Certified Life & Business Coach

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Discover how to attract clients and magnetize more money with a customized game plan and actionable strategies.

You have a vision for the trajectory of your life & business. And you're on the edge of a breakthrough—you can feel it. But you:

  • Get stuck on your limiting beliefs. You realize you’re holding yourself back, and you want a coach who can help you move through them, with grace.
  • Have plateaued at your current revenue.. More money would be nice, but you’re not sure how to scale without burning out (#beenthere #donethat).
  • Take on not ideal clients, even though your spidey sense told you not to. You resent working with them and yet you're grateful for the revenue.
  • Doubt yourself, wondering if you’re good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough or some other form of  "not-enoughness."
  • Feel overwhelmed by all. the. things. You’re not sure who you should hire, where to focus your efforts and how to make it all work, so you can simply show up in your zone of genius.

After 7 years as a life and business coach for women, here's what I know:

The coaches & consultants I work with, don't resonate with the traditional way of doing business. If that's you, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. It means...

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…You're ready to liberate yourself from the narrative that it has to be a certain way, so you can go all in on your vision, in a way that works for YOU.

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  • Where soul work and strategy can blissfully coexist.
  • Where woo and wealth are inextricably linked.
  • Where you can operate from a place of abundance and alignment. And it's from this place, that we hold space for healing and expansion—while zooming towards 'Future You.'
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“I had already done one business coaching program and my biggest issue was that they had one way, one system on how to do sales and business, and I didn't like any of it, because it felt like pushing. I wanted to be with the flow, not creating the flow. I was stuck with how to sell and generate business that felt joyful and aligned.

[After working with Becky], I’ve sold some of the highest ticket offers in my business history…but it has never felt difficult. It’s some of the easiest selling that I’ve done. Because it's such a natural way to show up and serve.

I’ve learned that it’s possible for me to operate in ease and flow, in a way that works for me. The limiting belief work is so powerful.”

Becky Morrison

Making more money happens when you’re in flow, doing work you love

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The science is clear: when you're in a state of flow, you're 5 times more productive. That means when this state of consciousness is unlocked, you achieve more, in way less time. With me as your life and business coach, you'll get more than an uplevel in your business. Your entire being will change. And you'll feel it on a soul level—that what you want is not only possible—but divinely intended. From this place, it's easy to:

  • Embody the kind of radical self-trust and confidence that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. That big, bold vision? No, it's not too much and it's closer than you think.
  • Easily blow past your previous “best quarter” without burning out because space and self-care are baked into your business model.
  • Effortlessly attract and call in more of what you desire energetically. I'm talking about clients, friendships, partners, speaking gigs, travel, and income.
  • Work less hours without sacrificing some other area of your life. So many women think that if they want to scale , they'll need to give something up. That is what the patriarchy would have you believe, but there IS a better way.
  • Double or triple your income in a way that feels EASY. This is about having irresistible offers, the right support inside your business, and a client ascension model that doesn't require you to always be in action.
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Beth Ann Locke

“I’m attracting more of my ideal clients, I feel way more confident, I made 4 times more this year than I did last year, and I see myself and my business in a completely new light. I am also more calm and centered, I can feel my internal power & ease, and I have the confidence to build my business to the level I want.”

Beth Ann Locke



Learn how to lovingly convert clients with my invitation approach to selling.

This self-study course gets straight to the point, so you know exactly what to say and how to say it on sales calls, without feeling pushy.


If you’re ready to bust the beliefs that have kept you playing small and soar to your first $10k month and beyond—check out my group coaching program, MAGNETIC.

This 3-month program will help you clear the path to your next level—and get paid like the star you are.


If you’re crushing your revenue goals, but aching for more ease, spaciousness, a deeper spiritual practice, real freedom, and a quantum leap towards multiple 6 or 7-figures, explore my mastermind.

You'll find support & sisterhood— the community of peers that you've been looking for.


That unique gift of yours has already changed lives and can impact many more. You focus on the vision of a delicious life where you feel true freedom at the finances your business is bringing in. Through my spiritual meets strategic life and business coaching methods, I'll help you magnetize ease and abundance, while also nourishing your soul's wildest desires.


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