The universe called:

It wants your business to make *way* more money

Even if you don’t know the next steps or how to funnel in consistent clients

“Before working with Becky, I had some pretty big limiting beliefs about my personal and professional life. Becky’s programs have helped me reframe my beliefs and hit 6-figures for the first time!”

Elise Besler

Vocal Empowerment Coach

You have a vision for your business growth, yet feel *you hate to admit it* stuck. At the moment, you:

  • Worry about raising your prices *Who will pay?!*
  • Struggle to book consistent dream clients
  • Juggle life morning till night, from feeding the kids to answering emails
  • Find yourself scrolling Instagram, watching success stories vacation around the world with *I-wish-that-was-me-and-my-family* longing

Here’s the truth:

When you tap into your soulfully magnetic gifts and BANISH limiting beliefs

Any driven woman can go from tiring hourly work to 5-figure months, an eager waitlist and bucket list goals funded by YOUR flourishing business.

Even if you’ve never made more than $50,000 in a year…

 Even if terrified no one will sign up if you announce a VIP offer…

 You’re only steps away from releasing those subconscious *Am I really worth it?* blocks and having a stream of ready-to-pay fans beating down your virtual door.

“After working with Becky, I sold-out my online group program and have a waitlist for the next one. Becky showed me how to leverage my offers and make sales online.”

April Stroink

Money Coach

P.S. She didn’t think it was possible – until it was!

Discover The 5 Spiritual Ways to Launch and Sell Out Programs (without hustling)

Making money isn’t magic.
There’s a proven path to abundance.

No matter how crazy the calendar or intense the imposter syndrome, the right mindset strategies will make it easy to:

  • Raise your prices *Yes, the right people WILL hand over their credit cards*
  • Work less hours a week *More time for kids or – hey – an actual morning routine?!* 
  • Take your entire family on a heavenly trip *Booking those plane tickets is going to be the BEST type of surreal* 

Here’s how.

Know your next step

Sitting at the home office, deep in information overload, it’s hard to know what the next move is. With this quiz, see exactly how to shimmy forward with clarity and instant insight. 


You’re over waiting to feel ready or have that lightbulb moment. Jump into an 1-1 experience that takes you from “what do I do next?!” to a mapped out game plan, fast.


You’re on the edge of a business breakthrough—you can FEEL it. Get instant access to my signature framework and create brilliant offers, that practically sell themselves

You have the business. I have the laser vision.

That unique gift of yours has already changed lives and can impact many more people. You focus on the vision and dream of a higher-vibe life where you feel true freedom at the finances your business is bringing in. I’ll reveal the decades of building businesses and community that magnetize money like it’s the strongest fridge magnet.

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Money just met its new magnet: YOU.

Discover how to attract clients and money with a customized game plan and proven strategies.



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