With my spiritual-meets-strategic coaching,

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While working *gasp* less

Every day, I work with coaches & consultants who are ready for their next level. They’ve invested in themselves and their businesses.

Becky Keen, business mentor and coach seating in chair, chin resting on hand and smiling.

Emotionally, they're ready. They've done the "outer" work to be successful and checked off the standard list. But they’re missing this:

None of that matters if you haven't embodied the "inner" work. If your subconscious mind isn't on the same page as your conscious mind, none of that outer stuff matters.

For example: If you say you want more money, but you also worry if you deserve more money, you'll sabotage receiving more money.

Or if you want a joyful relationship with your partner, but you also wonder if that's "asking for too much", your subconscious mind will find a way to pick a fight or will get super triggered in everyday situations.

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That's because it's playing an outdated track that we need to upgrade:

  • If you don’t free yourself from the belief that you have to “earn” the right to happiness and fulfillment—then your business will always feel unsatisfying or heavy.
  • If you don't free yourself from the idea that you’re not “good enough” to work with ONLY dream clients—then you won't attract them.
  • If you don’t free yourself from the comparison game—then you’ll feel like a failure at 6 figures, 7… it won’t ever feel like enough.

You can’t embody your next-level self until you’ve untangled yourself from the blocks and subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck and in self-sabotage mode.

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But here's the good news: You don't have to untangle yourself all on your own. In fact, that's nearly impossible.

Becky Keen speaking to attendees of her business mastermind

That's why you want to work with a Certified Master Coach with over 2000 hours of coaching under my belt, and hundreds of clients served. I’m here to guide you from “tangled up in years of limiting beliefs and upper limit blocks”—to:

  • Developing a rich spiritual practice that supports your business goals.
  • Crafting a strategy that works FOR YOU + for the life of real freedom you’re building.
  • Doing the deep inner work that leads to MAJOR tangible transformation.
  • Crushing your next 6-7 figures.
  • Feeling like abundance is your inherent birthright—and knowing how to channel it.

Ready to get free and ride your wave all the way to your next level? You’re in the right place, lovely.

You don’t have to choose between reaching major revenue goals & expanding your business versus creating real freedom & happiness in your life. 


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If you’re ready to experience YOUR next-level life, it would be my greatest honour to guide you, so you can:

  • Double or triple your revenue, while actually working LESS (and only spending time on what you actually want to be doing)
  • Ditch the self-doubt and develop a strong mindset practice, routed in science-based reprogramming strategies, that will support you as you in expanding into your full potential.
  • Unleash your unique genius so that you can realize your full potential and create a life that’s a *pinch me* embodiment of your wildest dreams
  • Generate insane momentum inside your business and gain *crystal-clear confidence* so you know exactly where you’re going & how to get there.
  • Create compelling offers and attract your dream clients on repeat

And? I spent years honing this easeful business model so I can be a present mother, surf whenever I want, take my family on tropical vacations and serve premium dream clients (like you!)… so I can show you all the shortcuts to having more, without doing more.

Yes, you get to just BE and enjoy this life you created.

Brenda started signing up new clients right away and grew her revenue by 200% in the first month.

Caelin went from swirling in self doubt to having a waitlist and she increased her revenue 6x.

Kristin learned how to launch in a way that felt EASY and worked through her limiting beliefs around money

Because of the intimacy and depth of work we do inside a private coaching container, I only take 3-6 clients at one time.


This intimate experience is for you if you want personalized coaching from a Masterful Coach who can hold huge space for healing, transformation and rapid results.

With 1-1 coaching, I work with: 

  • 6 and 7-figures business leaders who want 1-1 custom support
  • Multiple six-figure coaches & consultants who want support in balancing their life & business
  • Clients who want to change patterns that are no longer serving them. (You don't have to have your own business to be a private client).

When you work with me over a 6-month perdio, your entire being will change, and is a game-changing experience for your life & business. 

Channelling my full Leo warmth, we’ll create a precise roadmap for your deepest desires (income, love, connections, spiritual practices….) and a plan to help you stay connected to your true north.

The investment for a 6-month coaching package is $18,000 and is by application only.

After you've submitted your application, if it feels like a match,  you'll get a free, no-pressure consult call, to answer any questions you may have and to decide if we’re a fit.

This package includes 2-3 calls per month, voxer support, and customized resources to support yout unique journey.



“After a single 90-minute session with Becky, I am SO FIRED UP! I’ve completely streamlined my offers and I have a step-by-step roadmap for the next 6 months. Beck is a genius and I’m so grateful to have had her brain, on my business!”


Christina went from not closing calls to selling out her mastermind and booked out.


Ange moved through a big money block and made $24k in 4 DAYS!


Not looking for 1-1 coaching? Check out….

  • If you’re ready to bust the beliefs that have kept you playing small and soar to your first $10k month and beyond—click here to get on the interest list for my business accelerator program.
  • If you’re crushing $100k/year (or more) but aching for more ease, more spaciousness, a deeper spiritual practice, real freedom, and/or a quantum leap towards multiple 6 and 7-figures—click here to learn more about my mastermind for coaches and consultants.
  • And if you want to invest in something small before taking the leap, check out all my digital offers starting as low as $37 and freebies right here.


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