With my spiritual meets strategic coaching,

skyrocket your business income 

While working *gasp* less

In the fastest, customized route possible, I’m your personal concierge in showing you how to be paid to be your brilliant self.

That’s right, by showing up as who you are—unapologetically, I’ll reveal how you can *without a doubt* →

  • Charge 2x – 6x more than what you do now (without working more)
  • Attract dream clients again and again, so you can stop working with *bad fit* clients)
  • Help people more, while watching your bank account GROW
  • Feel renewed freedom in your life and ability to choose ANYTHING you want *bucket list check offs and ocean front home, here we go*

Because here’s the truth *that I wouldn’t have believed myself 10 years ago*. →

tamara got instant clarity and a roadmap to her next level 

“After a single 90-minute session with Becky, I am SO FIRED UP! I’ve completely streamlined my offers and I have a step-by-step roadmap for the next 6 months. Beck is a genius and I’m so grateful to have had her brain, on my business!” 

Tamara Freeman

Brand Coach 

With the right mindset strategies, business systems and spiritual practices in place


Finally, you get to stop feeling drained, spend more time with your family AND work less. Beyond that, you get to:

  • Know finances are taken care of *even if you have debts to handle*
  • Finally take that extended luxe vacation or get started on building dream home
  • Take days off without worry or intense guilt
  • Feel a deep sense of joy at seeing how impactful and beloved your business can be

And most importantly?

You don’t want to wait months for the next mastermind or group program to open. You don’t want to hold off any longer but SEIZE this chance to have a customized plan as soon as damn possible.

Here’s how.

“I was ready to give up on my dreams. I was trying way too hard to become someone who I thought was deserving of those dreams. Then Becky opened me up to the fact that I was the person who deserved them; I am the expert! Since working with Becky, my confidence has grown, I have a waitlist, and my revenue grew by a multiple of 6! I can’t recommend Becky enough!”

Caelin Nadin

Anxiety Coach and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist


Book your 1:1 Money Magnet VIP Day

This lightning fire experience is going to be the most game-changing day for your business. Channeling my full Leo warmth, this luxurious day *in-person or online* delivers a butt-kicking game plan and simultaneously breaks through long-held limiting beliefs to finally propel you forward.

Even if you feel stuck and don’t know why, we’ll create a precise game plan for making more income, revamping your packages and how to market to ideal clients step-by-step.

 Walk out feeling like you had multiple months of masterminding rolled into one damn day. Multiple six-figure income, here you come!

BOOK YOUR 2-WEEK Private intensive

Over the course of two weeks, we’ll create and design your brilliant offers—they’ll practically sell themselves. With me as your guide, you’ll have premium offers crafted and perfectly positioned. We’ll kick it off with a 90-min deep dive session, you’ll get unlimited voxer access, and we’ll meet again for a 30-minute strategy session to make sure you’re crystal clear on how to implement and GET SOUL’D-OUT.

With my multi-six-figure eyeballs, you’ll get expert strategy, to be sure sure you CLAIM your next level. If you’re ready to stop struggling solo and get proven *loving* support, let’s get you moving!

“I went from being a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle, to a full on business owner. I didn’t believe it would happen – until it did! I’ve made more in the last 4 months working with Becky than I did all of last year. How freeing is that?”

Dee Montie

Shaman Practitioner

P.S. She didn’t think it was possible – until it was!

You can have it all *and the money to prove it*

As a child you might have heard “it’s too good to be true” or “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. My clients and myself are proof you really can get paid multiple-six figures to simply be you, spend more time with your family and live the dream lifestyle you want.

The fastest route to get there is a 1:1 VIP Money Magnet Day or a private intensive where you get personal support and a roadmap absolutely customized to you. See what could happen for you – at a shockingly rapid rate.

Jolene went from not knowing to having CLARITY + SELLING her offers

“Within two weeks of working with Becky, I created new offers at 3x my old rate and sold two of my new signature packages. I realized that I can do less to earn more – the old me would have felt guilty about this, but I’m realizing that I get to show up and get paid to be ME. So much easier this way!”

Jolene D’Entremont

Life Coach



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