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Need to attract more money fast? Ready to simplify and expand? Either way, these FREE resources will get you where you need to go.


What’s Your Client & Money ATTRACTOR FACTOR?

Take this 60-second quiz & discover how you can attract more dream clients—simply by being more of who you naturally are. Plus, get a customized plan for unleashing your brilliance and generating more money, fast.


Expansive Business Planning Guide

You’re ready to step into your brilliance and expand your business to match your vision—in a way that feels totally seamless and strategic. Swipe the exact framework I use to plan my own business from a place of abundance and ease!


Money Meditation + Client Attractor Action Guide

Creating the expansive, effortless business of your dreams is one part soulwork + one part strategy. Turn up your client attraction vibes with my 13-minute Money Meditation—then take intentional action with my 5-Step Client Attractor Action Guide.


Vision Masterclass + Meditation

If you aren’t sure where you want to go, you can’t be mad about where you end up. This Masterclass + Meditation bundle is designed to help you get crystal clear on your vision for your ideal business—so you can build your legacy with unshakable confidence and self-trust.


High-impact resources to help you supercharge your sales, master your mindset, perfect your packages, and more.

The Sales Remedy

-Most Popular-

The Sales Remedy

Ready to raise your rates and sell with confidence? Get my best-selling, easy-to-implement sales framework and learn to skyrocket your sales—from a place of connection, value, invitation, and alignment.

  • Confidently communicate your value & expertise
  • Grow your biz without sales-related stress or tech overwhelm
  • Charge higher rates that reflect the value of your work
  • Feel totally at ease pitching your offer & discussing your rates
  • Sell with 100% integrity
  • Grow with abundance and invitation—not scarcity or coercion

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I've made $8,000 in sales this week using the formula you teach in the Sales Remedy. I closed both clients right on the call. How's that for ROI?"



-Best Starting Point-

The Offer Makeover

If you only ever complete one of my programs—make it this one. The Offer Makeover is your key to going from struggling to sell out your offers, to effortlessly creating soul-aligned packages that will have your dream clients begging for more. Inside this training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Break free from selling packages based on sessions, hours, or any other ‘time for money’ container
  • Approach offer creation with a mindset of transformation, service, and abundance (which will send your sales skyhigh!)
  • Create compelling offers that sell themselves
  • Develop tiered offer stacks that seamlessly carry your customers from one offer to the next
  • Clarify the transformation you provide, so you can craft magnetic sales messages that attract buyers on repeat
  • Wrap your unique brilliance into every single package


  • Offer Makeover 30-Minute Masterclass, where I walk you through my signature step-by-step system for creating amazing offers
  • Magnetic Offer Framework—a fillable guide to help you map out your offer as you watch the Masterclass, so you can craft your first irresistible offer in less than an hour!
  • Soulful Stack Method—your key to developing offers that support your clients with a wide range of goals, in a way that aligns with your overall vision & sends your revenue through the roof.
Mary-Grace Busti

“I tried to put together my offers before but they never landed with my audience. But damn Beck, this course brought the clarity right to my doorstep. I made some edits to my offers and I just hosted my first VIP day ever. Thank goodness for all the work I did around crafting my offers!”

Mary Grace Busti, Life Coach


-Best Revenue Generator-

Selling in the DMs

Sick of spending hours a week on sales calls that go nowhere?? In this workshop, I share the exact system I use to generate tens-of-thousands in revenue each year, without ever having to put on makeup. From intro offers to 5-figure packages, this workshop will help you go from not knowing how to start a sales conversation—to confidently sending money-magnet messages. You’ll learn…

  • How to start a sales conversation, without feeling icky about it
  • How to go from casual conversation to introducing your offer
  • The 3 most common mistakes people make with DM sales
  • An elegant, thoughtful method of ‘nurturing leads’ (AKA starting relationships with actual humans)
  • 5 steps to selling anything, anywhere, on any platform
  • Simple, customizable scripts to make the sale


  • Selling in the DMs 30-Minute Masterclass, where I break down exactly how I sell my own offers in the DMs (with screenshots, case studies, and more!)
  • How to Sell In the DMs Worksheet—a step-by-step guide to starting a sales conversation, sharing your offers confidently, and locking in the sale (without EVER being slimy, pushy, or annoying)
Smashing Sales Objections Masterclass

-Best Sales Booster-

Smashing Sales Objections

Getting triggered when someone hits you with an objection is human nature! But the key to revving up your sales isn’t slashing your prices or bending over backwards to people-please… It’s knowing how to confidently and lovingly help your potential clients work through their own sales objections. Inside this program, you’ll learn how to …

  • Keep your mindset from going haywire when someone brings up an objection during a sales call
  • Thoughtfully respond to common objections (like concerns around time, money, or a partner’s opinion of their investment_—so you’ll never feel caught off guard again.
  • “Coach” potential clients through their objections—yes, even if you’re not a coach!
  • Gracefully handle a ‘No’—and maybe even turn it into a new opportunity.
  • Empower your prospects to make a clear yes or no decision, so neither of you has to wrestle with the anxiety of indecision.
  • Uncover the REAL concerns and fears behind objections, so you can connect with your prospect on a human-to-human level.
  • Increase conversions & make more sales by giving hesitant prospects the confidence and clarity they need to say yes.


  • The Smashing Sales Objections Masterclass—a 27-minute training where I walk you through the mindset work & sales strategy behind lovingly overcoming objections like a pro, so you can serve your audience confidently and sell more of your offers
  • Sell With Objection Scripts—Easy, done-for-you sales scripts to help you start overcoming objections right away

“Using these PDFs I was able to coach a client through her limiting beliefs and upgrade the package she decided to buy. This was phenomenal because it meant she got deeper transformation AND she confronted an old fear that was stopping her from stepping into her power now. In the past, I would have said nothing to a money objection - now I have the confidence to coach potential clients through them so that we can all win!”

Erica Blackburn, healer

The Stress Free Launch System

-Best Launch Resource-

The Stress-Free Launch System

If the very idea of launching puts a pit in your stomach and sends your brain reeling—it’s time for a better way. Discover an easy, abundant approach to launching in The Stress-Free Launch System. In this program, you get a complete, step-by-step method for planning and executing your dream launch—from pre-launch event to successful cart close and champagne toast. You’ll learn…

  • The 5 phases of a successful launch, and exactly what happens at each phase
  • How to effectively plan different types of launches—from a simple, sales-page-free option, all the way to a premium launch with all the bells and whistles
  • An easy, aligned way to plan every detail of your launch, from perfecting your offer, to creating your messaging, to hitting your sales goals
  • How to confidently set up your launch tech, in a way that feels approachable, aligned, and empowering to you
  • How to plan a pre-launch event that perfectly positions your offer & leaves your dream clients stoked to continue working with you
  • How to execute a launch that feels amazing, delivers through-the-roof value to your audience, and shatters your sales goals—without breaking a sweat


  • The Stress-Free Launch System Masterclass—a 30-minute Masterclass where I walk you step-by-step through this system & explain exactly how to incorporate my super-simple launch plans in your coaching or service-based business
  • The Launch Playbook—This comprehensive guide breaks down the entire Stress-Free Launch System and provides you with a clear path to follow for your next launch.
  • The Ultimate Launch Checklist—a complete to-do list to keep you on track during your launch process (including details about which pieces of your launch plan can be easily outsourced)
  • The Super Simple Launch Plan—AKA ‘How to Launch Without Launching.’ This simplified launch is perfect for when you’re just looking for a lowkey way to fill your offer, without all the hubbub of a traditional launch
  • Sample Email Launch Schedule + Promo Calendar—a clear outline of what emails you should be sending for your launch, complete with promo content ideas
  • Launch Case Studies—Witness the power of this system firsthand! Go behind the scenes of my client Brenda’s launch and learn how she used this system to generate $35k with NO email list & less than 500 Instagram followers
  • The Instagram Framework—a guidebook on how to create Instagram posts that attract your ideal clients
  • Sales PDF Samples—No sales page? No problem! If you’re opting for a simpler launch, feel free to use these Sales PDF samples to inspire your own simple launch strategy.

BONUS: Pre-launch survey template to do your customer research!


Find out what’s possible when you level-up your mindset, nail your offers, and start showing up as your fullest, truest self in your business. Take your next step now with…

Sell Your Brilliance
Sell Your Brillaince

My signature program for coaches, healers, and service providers who are ready to unleash their full brilliance & start confidently selling out soul-aligned offers—in just 5 weeks.

“I just bought Sell Your Brilliance. And immediately I got a message from someone ready to buy, and then another consult converted into a 3-month package the very next day. I followed the sales format you teach and I watched the objection video. Super duper helpful!” 

Tanya Alexandra, Intuitive Coach

Peek Behind the Scenes

In Sell Your Brilliance, you get a 5-week plan to fast-track your growth and start scaling from a place of abundance, self-trust, service, and ease. You’ll learn how to…

Bust through the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.

Repair your Money Mindset, clear money blocks, & start energetically calling in more revenue.

Understanding exactly who your dream client is, what they want, & how to magnetically attract them into your orbit.

Develop irresistible offers, nail your offer stack, and perfect your pricing.

Position & present your offers strategically, in a way that highlights the value and transformation you provide.

Handle sales calls, objections, and conversations with prospective clients with unshakable confidence.

…and much more!

Your Path to Business Brilliance

The successful, scalable, soulful business of your dreams is within reach.
Here’s how we’ll get you there in just 5 weeks.


WEEK ONE: Unleash Your Highest-Vibe Self

  • Connect with your brilliance
  • Tap into your vision
  • Smash your limiting beliefs

WEEK TWO: Uplevel Your Money Mindset

  • Identify & tame your money blocks.
  • Forgive your money beliefs.
  • Upgrade your lifestyle to reflect your new beliefs.

WEEK THREE: Seamlessly Attract Clients

  • Get to know your dream clients.
  • Develop your client attraction gameplan.
  • Learn to overcome sales objections.

WEEK FOUR: Craft Your Offers & Nail Pricing

  • Develop perfect-fit offers for your dream clients.
  • Perfect your 3-tier offer stack.
  • Price your offers from a place of confidence and abundance.

WEEK FIVE: Sell Your Superpowers

  • Navigate sales conversations like a pro.
  • Sell from a place of abundance, service, and invitation.
  • Talk about (and attract!) money with ease.

PLUS, Multiply Your Results With 4 Exclusive Bonuses…

Gold Star

How to create an onboarding process that feels like a seamless, high-value extension of your brand new ah-mazing sales process.

Gold Star

Get a 6-step framework for mastering sales conversations with prospective clients.

Gold Star

Ready to scale your business & expand your impact? Group programs are the perfect way to level-up, without creating additional work for yourself! Learn to create and launch yours here.

Gold Star

Objections happen—what matters is how you address them. In this bonus training, you’ll learn how to strategically respond to objections & use them as an opportunity to connect with (and sell to) your potential clients.


“After watching the modules on offers, I immediately reworked one of my packages. I had such a big revelation about how I could be selling, that I changed up a proposal and ended up making my first ever $50k sale. That's half my revenue goal in one single sale!"

Stacy Fredericks, Graphic Designer

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