Business Coach Becky Keen Presents….



Including a 2-day “On the Ocean Retreat” in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada

Where Coaches & Healers Start Believing in Themselves and Get More Clients And Cash FAST…

…wrapped in 6 full months of FIERCE FEMININEHere’s what to do” – strategy & support

“Went from 4k to 40k during this 6-month program”

“I used to think, “that’ll never happen to me,” but I’ve gone from being a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle to a full-on business owner.”

Dee Montie, Intuitive Healer

“Went from 4k to 40k during this 6-month program”

“I used to think, “that’ll never happen to me,” but I’ve gone from being a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle to a full-on business owner.”

Dee Montie, Intuitive Healer

It’s time to stop listening to what other people think you can do, and start believing in YOURSELF!

These Coaches & Healers went before you!

(imagine your photo here in a few short months from now!)

“I just sold my first  big coaching package!”

“I feel like my gifts are finally being valued and appreciated! Selling my first big coaching package allowed me to see the possibilities for my business and how I serve others.”

Natalie Parsons, Soul Coach

“SOLD-OUT my retreat and have a waiting list for the next round.”

“I went from having zero clients and hearing crickets to having 80+ leads and a sold-out workshop. I’m finally stepping in to who I’m meant to be!”

Chrissy Anne, Spiritual Coach





Spots are limited!

If you want to command top dollar for your SOUL’S WORK…

…then this 6-month Mastermind is the perfect fit for you!

Because I’m here to give you the support you need to finally DO THAT THING you’ve been thinking of doing for SO LONG…

so you can break through to becoming “that coach or healer” who confidently runs a business that pays the bills and then some!

 (YES! That can be YOU!)

What happens when you join an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Business Coach? You find the CLARITY you need to:

  • Get those ideas out of your head and into action. That group program or retreat you’ve been dreaming of? It’s time to birth that baby and support others in the way you feel called to lead.
  • Show up on your sales calls ready to state your prices – minus the guilt or shame. Transform your inner worth and get ready to hear “yes” after “yes” after “yes!” Remember – sales isn’t something you “do” to anyone. You’re extending an invitation!
  • Create packages and offers that SELL. Ready to go from making 1-2k/month to 10k months (or more?!).
  • Find your soul-aligned clients and see them lining up inside your booking calendar. They’re looking for you too!
  • Stop wondering if you’ll ever make money with your coaching / healing services and start seeing the evidence that your business is REAL and happening.

During this 6-month online group program, you’ll discover the key to reaching milestones you’ve been craving for months (or even years), like…

“Sold my first big coaching package within days of saying yes to working with Becky!”

Elise Besler,
Vocal Empowerment Coach

“I made 4x more in the last 4 months than I did all of last year.”

Dee Montie,
Intuitive Healer

Over the course of this experience, we’re diving into the following themes..


The Foundations of Commanding Top Dollar for your Soul’s work


How to confidently land your soul-aligned clients


Getting out of hourly – and designing packages women want to buy


Money Mindset and beliefs that hold us back (get ready to receive!)


Visibility on social media (what platforms, how to use them, what to say)


How to get 5+ leads with a single social media post – sharing your story


How to believe (and keep believing) in yourself as a business owner

Come sit by the fire, let’s get to know each other!

I’m Becky Keen, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Coach (and World-wide Sailor to boot!)

And during this 6-month program, I’m sharing the exact formula I used to go from a soul-sucking corporate job to making over six-figures inside my coaching business in the first year!

Less than a couple years after saying goodbye (once and for all!) to my oil and gas business, I’m traveling the world with my husband and two children, hosting retreats in luxurious beachside locations like Hawaii and helping other women do the same.

I’ve gone from wondering where my next client is coming from… to knowing exactly how to create clients anytime I like – using MY GIFTS. But it wasn’t always this way…

…I know how it feels to ignore that knowing inside your chest that you’re meant for so much more.

When I finally made the leap to start my own business? It felt like I’d jumped off a cliff – terrifying, and… LIBERATING!

I swore I’d never trade money for a piece of my soul, EVER again (and suggest you make the same promise). I also swore that I’d replace my income – and some – because I wasn’t willing to buy into the belief that spirituals, coaches and creatives can’t make money. I’m calling bullsh** on that one!

If you’re ready to get more accomplished in the next six months than you’ve been able to manifest in the last 6 years…

…then The Spiritual Business Mastermind is PERFECT FOR YOU.


2-Day Oceanfront Retreat

Becky invites you to join her on the edge of the wild Atlantic for 2 full days of: Soul Sessions and Business Masterminding. Complete clarity and more! You’ll be joined by a sisterhood of women, you’ll love for the rest of your life.

SBM – Core Curriculum

Discover how to turn your unique gift into a thriving business – with the PROVEN Spiritual Business Mastermind Core Curriculum (watch the videos at your own pace and revisit anytime).

Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

Cry and laugh your way to massive change in your business, with these bi-weekly sessions. Whether you walk away with a life-changing AHA, or the answer to a practical biz question – these calls are to get you what you need + feel supported.

Ask me anything day!

Should I call myself a Shamanic, Goddess Warrior Maven? (P.S. no, you shouldn’t). Do I offer this person a reschedule? What are my offers? What should I price this at? Yep, get INSTANT feedback from an Award-winning Entrepreneur, so you can get results FAST.

The Spiritual Business FB community

Get burning questions answered. Find your Spiritual Business Peeps. Be celebrated (you know… when you sell that first $5,000 package), have us love on you on a tough day. We’re here for you!

Access to the Resource Vault

Get the proven scripts, checklists, journal prompts and meditations that’ve helped my clients triple their income within weeks!

“Get it done” – days

Monthly GET IT DONE Sessions You know those things that you keep putting off? (Like getting proper contracts, setting up a welcome sequence, finishing up your opt-in freebie, writing the copy for your group program, linking stripe to acuity etc etc etc)…

No more excuses woman! We meet virtually and you attack your to-do list. #DONE can get results FAST.

And, if you sign up before the clock stops ticking…








…You’ll get these juicey bonuses:

And if you sign up NOW, you’ll get these juicy bonuses:

Bonus #1


($997 VALUE)

You can’t really put a price on this training. Because once you master the art of turning sales conversations into SOUL conversations, you become a liberated women. Connect (and convert) your prospective clients. Ready to make bank? Yah, I thought so.

Bonus #2


($997 VALUE)

You can have all the strategy in the world, but if you don’t know how to transform your limiting beliefs, they’ll come up again and again and again. In this 2-hour LIVE workshop, you’ll dive deep into the beliefs that threaten to hold you back and learn a proven process to shift them within moments.



(Women I have personally worked with and deeply trust)

April Stroink

Money Coach

Planning for Profit + Money Mindset for female entrepreneurs

This profit first professional will cover what to spend, how much to pay yourself and where the put all that money (cause the money will be flowing!).

P.S. This woman is the reason hubby and I never fight over money, I sleep at night knowing we’re covered, and went on the trip of a lifetime travelling the world for 6 weeks with hubs and kids.

Elise Dharma

Instagram Growth Expert

How to get SALES from Instagram (even if you have less than 1,000 followers)

The Founder and CEO of InstaGrowth Boss will teach you how to grow your Instagram account with organic followers who want what you offer.

You’ll want to show up LIVE for this – Elise will personally review your profile.

P.S. This class is custom for my clients and NOT available anywhere else!





Spots are limited


Whatever your story, and reason for wanting to break outside the box and follow your SOUL’S path…

  • MAYBE you’re a coach looking for consistent clients, so you can count on the money being there!
  • MAYBE you’re looking to replace your 9-5 income, enabling you to finally leave that spirit crushing job
  • MAYBE you’re a healer ready to launch and sell out an online program (and have it be a huge success!)

… here’s what you need to know before stepping into the orbit of a business coach and community of women who’ve got your back (no matter what!):

Not sure how to hit those $10,000 months? No worries… in fact, it doesn’t even matter if you think it’s possible or not. I’ve helped countless women like you believe in themselves, and show them the path to MONEY.

This is for soul-centered, purpose driven women only. If you have a gift and a deep desire to serve (and make great money while you’re at it), hit that BOOK A CALL button.

This will be my LAST live group program in 2019. Been sitting on the fence? Thinking you’re not ready or it’s not the perfect time? Let me be the first to remind you that there will never be a perfect time. A year from now, you can be a featured success story like the ones you’ve been seeing on this page, or still stuck where you currently are. NOW IS THE TIME!

Skipped to the bottom, and wondering what’s included?

  • An oceanfront retreat on the wild shores of Nova Scotia. You, me and 14 other female entrepreneurs.
  • Core training videos of The Foundations of Commanding Top Dollar for Your Soul’s Work.
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls. Laser coaching and hot seats for everyone!
  • Private Facebook group. Get direct support and answers to your questions, fast!
  • Monthly “Get It Done” sessions. Get all the stuff done within hours, so it doesn’t drag on for months!
  • Expert Session Masterclasses with my trusted peeps.


Q. What if I’m the kinda gal that needs 1-1 support?

Mention this on our call and we can talk about upgrading your spot to VIP Level. Over the course of 6-months you’ll get 3 1-1 sessions with me.

Q. Where is the 2-day retreat?

We’re meeting in Nova Scotia, in a oceanfront home. You’re responsible for transportation and accommodations, but once you’ve registered, we’ll provide a list of where you can stay (hotels + airbnb’s). Or even better, connect with the other ladies in the group and stay together.

Q. Are you feeding us?

Friday night dinner and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday are included. I have an incredible private chef coming. Saturday night there will be an option for a group meal out. Bring something pretty to wear!

Q. I’m flying in from somewhere. How do I get to the retreat?

Grab a taxi or rent a car. We can also pair you up to share a ride if someone else is flying in at the same time.

Q. I want to do this, but I can’t make the retreat.

The retreat is going to be super fun so I encourage you to move mountains to come, but if you really can’t, I’ll email you the materials ahead of time so you can work through the same processes we’ll be doing in person.

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