In 6 months, 

Go from overworked, to a soulful, high-profit business magnetizing premium dream clients.

HOW? The no-BS yet spiritual mastermind for women ready to banish limiting beliefs, transform clients’ lives and make WAY more money.

In 6 months, 

Go from overworked, to a soulful, high-profit business magnetizing premium dream clients.

HOW? The no-BS yet spiritual mastermind for women ready to banish limiting beliefs, transform clients’ lives and make WAY more money.

You serve your clients so well, yet there’s still daily stress on footing your bills and wondering where the next clients coming from.

Right now, I’m guessing you:

  • Work really hard for NOT enough money
  • Want more time with your family & loved ones *Work life balance, yes please*
  • KNOW you’re made for more – but get stuck on how to get paid to make an impact

These worries are all too normal. As a woman who’s both spiritual and driven, you want to build your business or side hustle to make 2x, 4x the current income AND also change lives in a massive way. 

Here’s the little-known *but vital* truth: 

Most heart-centered women find it hard to charge their worth & grow rapidly, even though making money HELPS people

When your income increases, you get to take less clients, be MORE present with your work and show up in your best, highest self – benefiting everyone. 

You already have clients and know the line of work you’re meant for. The next level is SO close.

All that’s needed are the right methods, community and “I know this is possible” dedication.

Thankfully, there’s an easy *actually enjoyable* way to make more money, go on luxe retreats and work less hours – WITH EASE & A GROUP OF HIGH VIBE WOMEN

In a 6-month experience unlike anything else, a willingness to open your heart and show up as your true self can bring in wild amounts of cash money with soul. 

Erin created a 5-figure revenue boost in 10 days—during a pandemic

“”When the pandemic hit, a couple of my big clients had to pull back and I was facing a 5-figure loss to my business. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feed my family. But using the strategies I learned in the mastermind, I was able to tap into myself and package up my services in a way that resonates with my ideal client and I was able to replace that income, and MORE.”

Erin Trafford

Content Queen 

P.S. She didn’t think it was possible – until it was!

I was trading time for money in a corporate job. After 2 kids, the calling to start my own business hit.

Since childhood, I LOVED making money. From running a Babysitter’s Club to co-hosting a kids’ TV show, selling felt like a fun way to connect with people *not icky or sales-y*. 

By adulthood, I was in a corporate job. The money was good but my heart wasn’t aligned. After 2 kids and craving more time with the family, I felt the calling to launch my own business and not only re-make my corporate salary but EXCEED it. 

After stumbling into my first $20k month, I realized: You can have abundance in life AND income.

Within months of starting my business, undercharging hourly work was exhausting. Sales-loving me began testing new mindset methods and sales techniques

I remember the moment abundance really clicked: I sold a $5,000 package *easily*. Two months later *so surreal*, my bank account hit $39,000.

This wasn’t a fluke but repeatable. Since teaching this process, student after student has been able to do the same and:


  • Cut work hours and finally have more time with their families
  • Wildly increase income, while feeling happier & helping clients EVEN more
  • Knowing new clients will come – No more stress around launching offers 


“I had my first six-figure year!”

“Before I started working with Becky, I had some pretty big limiting beliefs about what was possible for me professionally. I told her my goal was to hit 6-figures and…it happened! Now I feel limitless and find myself ask myself, “what’s next?” Best investment I’ve ever made.”

Elise Besler

voice coach

“SOLD-OUT my retreat and have a waiting list for the next round.”

“I went from having zero clients and hearing crickets to having 80+ leads and a sold-out workshop. I’m finally stepping in to who I’m meant to be!”

Chrissy Anne

Spiritual Coach

Welcome to the Spiritual meets Strategy Mastermind

Includes a 2-day *Ocean Retreat* unlike any trip you thought possible
Next round begins February 2021

6-months to your clarified message, revamped *WHOA I was undercharging before* business model and offers that’ll book dream clients – again and again

I created this mastermind to dive deep with the most dedicated, soul-rooting women around. These are bosses who commit themselves to this robust process, so they can grow businesses faster than any spouse or parent *or even themselves* would believe. 

By the final month, you’ll have crushed these pillars of what it takes to build a soul-aligned brand and rake in clients with shocking race-horse-status speed.



The Foundations of Commanding Top Dollar for your Soul’s work


How to confidently land your soul-aligned clients


Getting out of hourly – and designing packages women want to buy


Money Mindset and beliefs that hold us back (get ready to receive!)


Visibility on social media (what platforms, how to use them, what to say)


How to get 5+ leads with a single social media post – sharing your story


How to believe (and keep believing) in yourself as a business owner

“This program has completely changed my life! I went from being burnt-out to embracing who I really am, and creating a business that’s aligned with ME!” 

Amanda Hanson

style and confidence coach

“I made 4x more in the last 4 months than I did all of last year.”

Dee Montie

Intuitive healer

If you want to confidently promote your offers knowing they’ll sell out & charge $5,000 on sales calls, remember this:

Any woman you see on Instagram talking about her retreat of 16 women or waitlist of clients is not a unicorn wielding secret techniques you don’t have access to. 

My programs are living proof.

Month after month, I see women go from “How can I find consistent clients and charge $$$$?!” to texting me with calm joy over signing massive contracts with ease. 

This work is spiritual, yes, but not magic. The path is so much closer than you think, if you’ll step into the experience, mindset shifts and community of women who’ll lift you up to it. 

Access EXACTLY what you need to go from anxious hustling to attracting high-paying dream clients.

This program ignites true transformation for your can-absolutely-soar income, offers people will LINE UP to buy and aligning business with your soul.

Here’s how. You receive:

The dreamiest, luxury *2 day* oceanfront retreat

This oceanside event is a life-changing catalyst to zoom past mental blocks, unleash full inner freedom and have you leaving with sisterhood, confidence in next steps AND feeling full business power.

Spiritual *yet* strategic Core Curriculum

Discover how to double or triple (or even quadruple?!) your revenue – with the PROVEN Core Curriculum. This video training is go-at-your-own pace. Simply set aside a weekend or do week by week as aligns with your schedule.

Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

You need more than *just* a course with video modules telling what you to do. You need a dedicated coach and mentor whose giving PERSONAL advice based on your unique situation and personal business needs.

Ask me anything day!

Wondering what to call yourself? Stressed if someone asks for a refund? Not sure what your offers are? Nervous sharing a price? GET INSTANT ANSWERS AND FEEDBACK FROM an Award-winning Entrepreneur, for the fastest, most effective results.

Private community *for stuff your spouse or friends just don’t get* 

These are your soul sisters for life! While loved ones may nod vaguely at “I need an email sequence”, this group understands and will cheer you on 5000%. Be celebrated when you hit 6-figures, sign your biggest contract ever and are in shock at your first sold-out online workshop.

The *almighty* Resource Vault

Tap into the step-by-step proven scripts, checklists, journal prompts and meditations that’ve taken my clients from feeling overwhelmed to tripling their income within weeks!

Help for non-techy peeps

You know those annoying techy things that you keep putting off? Mailchimp, opt-in forms, making all the bells and whistles ding and bing? But if you have to stare at your computer screen for one more minute, you’ll stab your own eyes out? That’s where my team comes in. They are tech and system wizards and will be on hand to help you get it DONE FAST.

If you’re feeling excited beyond measure, apply while spots are still available. To make sure this group gets my undivided attention and resources, this program is capped.

Find out if this is for you.

Get results like these women:

Sold out programs and packages!

Deeply supportive sisterhood

Uplevel your mindset

Increased + aligned prices

Double the money, half the work

Steady cashflow

20k/week or 1ook/quarter


Masterclasses by these experts

Access insights featured NOWHERE ELSE + pick the brains of leading experts on the *must have* business-growth pillars.   

I’m here to make sure you succeed, which is why I bring in industry leaders to teach skills too important to simply *touch base on* or grab a freebie about.  

For example, a few minds you’ll tap into: 

Sarah Zerkel

Copywriter & Funnel Strategist


Sarah helps entrepreneurs become ‘the next big thing’—even in crowded industries. Get to the heart of who you are and what your clients are dying to hear by establishing a powerhouse unique selling proposition so you can hit your next big pay day.

Show up live as she walks you through her signature framework for USPs that have brought her clients to 6-figures and beyond! She’ll edit your copy to make it sound like you AND speaking directly to your dream clients.

Elise Darma

Instagram Growth Expert

How to get SALES from Instagram (even if you have less than 1,000 followers)

The Founder and CEO of InstaGrowth Boss will teach you how to grow your Instagram account with organic followers who want what you offer.

You’ll want to show up LIVE for this – Elise will personally review your profile.

P.S. This class is custom for my clients and NOT available anywhere else!

About the *best* weekend of the *year* retreat, located in a breathtaking location…

You get to meet and build next-level connections with the women in our online community. At the retreat, it’s 2 days of soulful workshops and implementation *with serious limiting belief busting* that has attendees wow-ed again and again.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Rapid fire coaching with me, Becky
  • Your 6-month money-making business expansion plan
  • Guided meditation to meet your abundant *higher than high* self (no edibles required)
  • Breathwork session (intense transformation, no talk therapy required)
  • Workshops to help your get clear on your next steps and into aligned action
  • Deep mindset support:  release your imposter syndrome and have the tools to implement your new expansive strategies
  • Food so incredible, I’m drooling simply typing about it. *Let’s be real, some people come FOR the food.*
  • Next-level community for the entire rest of the mastermind and a long time to come.


When you tap into the feminine within you, you → Wo-manifest more money, dream clients & #freedom.

While this mastermind gives no-BS coaching that is specific on strategy, this is also a spiritual practice where we’ll burn away limiting beliefs and tap into the feminine. 

Because while masculine energy has its place, many women I work with have spent too many years in hyper go-mode and feeling the need to “muscle through” tasks.

We’re going to slow down with intention → To speed the f-up. 

In this experience, we unleash that powerful feminine within that brings divine gentle power back into your business and life. When rooted in THIS female side, you get to create from ease versus testosterone vibes. 

Because we’ll do one better than manifest.

Ready to WOMANifest?!


Here’s what my other students want you to know:

Tamara had her first 5k month

“This new pricing strategy allowed me to drop the hustle and instead, work with ease and flow! I now have pricing that supports my financial goals and feels super aligned. I sold my very first $2,500 package, and had my first 3k day.”

Tamara Freeman

Graphic Designer

Dee 10x her income in a few months

“I used to think, “that’ll never happen to me,” but I’ve gone from being a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle to a full-on business owner. I sold out several of my group programs, and went from making 4k to over 40k in a few short months.”

Dee Montie

Intuitive Healer

“Is this mastermind going to work for me?”

It’s normal to feel nervous about investing. You want to know it will work. Based on the many women I’ve worked with, here’s who is a FANTASTIC, PERFECT fit for this mastermind. You:

  • Have been in business for at least 6 months and have clients BUT… still feel like money and getting consistent clients are a challenge
  • Find honing business offers and prices super stressfull
  • Know you’re meant for more and have a big purpose, yet feel stuck 
  • Want to change lives AND grow income *like for booking that Hawaii vacation* but feel at odds with how to make more cash and still have a spiritual, good-hearted brand
  • Crave a community of boss women where you can talk about everything from oracle cards and crystals to sales pages, profit first and questions on email sequences

If you related to the points above, you are my KIND OF WOMAN that will be an incredible asset and reap life-changing benefits from this mastermind. 

We speak with every candidate to be sure it’s a wonderful fit all around and enters the mastermind with total confidence, ready to get in on this Becky Effect Club action. 

    let’s talk about the F WORD for a moment. *FEAR*

    I get it’s easy to say, “Things are busy. I’ll do this SOMEDAY.”

    Here’s the reality:

    This profit-meets-passions community is not a rah-rah program for only spirituality or business. It’s both.

    When rooted in your divine feminine, have crushed limiting beliefs AND are backed by *how to magnetize clients* methods – YOU’LL FINALLY SEE *WITH HIGH-PROFIT BANK STATEMENTS TO BACK IT UP* HOW UNSTOPPABLE YOU ARE.  

    The same amount of time will pass if you’re at home, journaling about big dreams, OR in the same months – are stepping into methods for making those visions happen.

    It’s time to get soul’d out. MMMM…SELLING OUT OFFERS AND WITH SOUL, NO LESS.

    This chance isn’t going to come at you everyday.

    But money and dream clients WILL if the opportunity is seized.

    And to be honest? Know that my heart and deepest strive for your success.

    See, I love this mastermind experience even more than my 2x-a-week horseback riding sessions – and that’s saying something. Because I thought the only things I’d adore more than Hugglebear the horse* are my kids. *Oh and husband*.


    AKA how we’ll create a vortex so high vibing, people can’t help but get swept up in your orbit. Loving *yet butt-kicking* reminder, this is what you receive:

    • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

    • The dreamiest, luxury *2 day* oceanfront retreat 

    • Ask-me-anything day
    • The ULTIMATE Core Curriculum
    • The almighty resource vault 
    • Private community *for stuff your spouse or friends just DO NOT get*
    • My curated guest experts

      This is your chance. Limited spots available. Will you be one of them?



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