Diversity Statement

In the work that I do, I talk a lot about brilliance. The values I share go beyond Brilliance—my coaching program—and really speak to the inner magic that I help my clients tap into and learn how to share with the world.

I am Becky Keen and this is what I stand for:

Brilliance is For Everyone

My calling is coaching, mentoring and empowering women. After working in a male-dominated industry for decades, I’ve focussed on coaching women and supporting them in reaching their goals. It’s been my experience that when women are financially empowered, and doing their soul’s work, they give back to their communities, they hire other women, and they give to their families. The expansion that happens is very community-focused. Empowered women can change the world and it’s my commitment to be a part of that.

My approach to women’s empowerment is intersectional. Half of the guest experts in my programs are Black, Indigenous or Women of Colour. I also purchase client gifts from Indigenous businesses and actively seek to hire consultants and service providers from historically excluded groups.

Brilliance Should Be Accessible - Financially and Otherwise

I recognized the systemic barriers facing people from these historically excluded groups and how that can represent less access to capital or credit and so I have actively worked to keep the costs of financing my programs low and to integrate as much flexibility as possible. I’ve also created low cost entry level products to help people get started from where they are. 

I am someone who wants to help people of all levels of abilities to access their brilliance. That’s why my Instagram stories are captioned and why I’m working towards adding captions and transcripts to my existing content. I consider accessibility when I select retreat venues to ensure that the space is appropriate for people of all shapes, sizes and levels of mobility. I prioritize client safety when gathering in person and seek to protect clinically vulnerable participants.

Brilliance Should Be Sustainable

Another factor I consider when selecting retreat venues and suppliers generally is their sustainability practices. I try to do business in a way that protects the earth. I have always felt very connected to the land because our family has practiced sustainable forestry on our land and I was raised to respect the planet. You can often find me near (or in) the water where I find great joy, and I’m invested in preserving the environment.

Brilliance Can Change The World

Social impact is a consideration in my business decisions. I like to give from the revenue I generate to create change in the world. From a social justice perspective, I’m aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ2S+ allyship, believe Love is Love, that Every Child Matters and acknowledge that my work takes places on the unceded traditional territory of the Mi’k’maq people. 

Raising a family and the disproportionate amount of labour performed by women in the home can get in the way of being able to attend sessions live sometimes, which is why I make sure there are recordings available after the fact and audio only options which my clients who are parents appreciate being able to listen to when on the go with their kids.

Brilliance Is Cultivated With Respect

In the spirit of building an anti-oppressive business, I’ve consciously eliminated high pressure sales tactics and I don’t teach them to my clients. I believe in marketing ethically and don’t believe in creating false scarcity. I am always willing to talk through an offer with a potential client so they can make an informed decision and answer any questions they might have.

I work from a place that considers the impacts of intergenerational trauma and that’s why I don’t offer one size fits all solutions. The work that I do with my clients is about helping them get where they want to go from where they are and I acknowledge the realities that people from marginalized communities face barriers I have not had to face. 

I accept these challenges are real and do not categorize them as “money blocks” or “mindset issues”. I believe people and their stories.

The Future is Brilliant

If you require specific accommodation to bring forth your brilliance in our work together, I am motivated to find solutions to ensure your accessibility needs are met. All women are welcome here. I would love to help you share your brilliance with the world because you have so much to offer. I can’t wait to partner with you. Let’s work together so you can shine like the supernova that you are!


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