I'm Becky Keen
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I help coaches & consultants grow their businesses with ease, so they can live their most expansive life.

Today, people know me as the coach who combines spirituality, strategy, and science to help you unlock REAL freedom in your coaching or consulting business.

But that’s definitely not where I started…

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In my past professional lives, I’ve been everything from a sailor travelling the world, to a high-ranking professional in the oil and gas industry.

I was the woman who on the outside “had made it.”  The amazing salary, the handsome husband, the 2 kids, the effortlessly stylish J. Crew wardrobe… All the stuff we’re taught to want.

And, I felt like I hated everything. I was deeply unfulfilled.

I had ticked off all the boxes. But was this the life I had wanted? I was working too hard, feeling disconnected from myself and my family, and wondered… what is all of this for, anyway??

I knew I wanted to leave corporate and start a business that lit me up—but I was terrified. My family relied on my salary. I truly believed I could never make more than the $150k I was earning in my job.

But every fiber of my being was screaming at me to get out. I put it off as long as I could—so long that my job eventually started making me sick. So I jumped!

And the life I have since created is beautiful, delicious, spacious and abundant in every way

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  • My coaching business generates multi-6-figures—and no, I don’t sit around on virtual coaching calls all day.
  • I spend a max of 4 hours a week on 1:1 coaching and regularly skip out mid-day to go surf with my husband, snowboard with my kids, or do whatever else I feel like doing!
  • I only work with clients I truly believe in and connect with—other coaches and consultants...people whose visions align with my own.
  • My programs & coaching packages are regularly full without ever having to hustle or grind to hit my goals.
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This isn’t a brag. It’s an invitation for you to create the business YOU want, too.

YOU deserve a life that’s overflowing with happiness, ease, and beauty. And today, you’re right on the precipice of having everything you crave. It’s yours to claim.

But just like I had to work through and extinguish the limiting belief that I’d never replace my corporate income...

...YOU have to shift your own system of self-limiting beliefs about what’s possible in your business and your life.

I’m here to shine my light (and fire energy!) on your path forward and help you find your True North.

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Since opening the doors to my coaching practice, I’ve…

  • Completed my Master Coach certification and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs (from brand newbies to 7+ figure CEOs) to generate revenue in a way that feels RIGHT to them.
  • I spend a max of 4 hours a week on 1:1 coaching and regularly skip out mid-day to go surf with my husband, snowboard with my kids, or do whatever else I feel like doing!
  • Taught inside global coaching programs helping other coaches deepen their impact and strengthen their skills.
  • Helped clients create space in their calendar, so they can spend more time with their partners or kids, while travelling the world, without sacrificing income.
  • Supported clients in building teams and scaling offers, without burning out, hustling, or doing shit they don't want to do.
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My clients regularly joke about #TheBeckyEffect—a product of working together that usually includes 2-6xing your revenue and feeling like your clients are magnetized by your energy and beating down your virtual door to work together.

The REAL secret to their expansion, my success, and your impending transformation?

It’s all about clearing out the blocks, busting through your upper limits and owning and amplifying YOUR brilliance.

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A note about my values:

I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe that Every Child Matters and I acknowledge that my work takes place on the unceded traditional territory of the Mi’k’maq people. I stand with the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community and advocate for their fight for equal human rights.

I am actively learning about anti-racism, and working to dismantle white supremacy in my life and business.

In the spirit of building an anti-oppressive business, I don't use high-pressure sales tactics and consent is important to me. I'm always willing to talk through an offer with a potential client so they can make an informed buying decision.

I will not label people’s stories or their lived experiences as a mindset issue. If you require specific accommodation to activate your brilliance, I'd love to hear from you and to have a conversation.

I acknowledge that the realities of Indigenous People, Black People, People of Colour, Queer People, Transgender People, Large Bodied People, Differently Abled People, people with mental or chronic illness, or those from marginalized communities face barriers I have not had to face.

I consider the impacts of intergenerational trauma when I'm working with clients and that’s why I don’t offer blanket solutions.


You're here on this page...now what?

  • Want to discover a super simple & ick-free sales process that encourages invitation and not coersion? Start here.

  • If you’re ready to bust the beliefs that have kept you playing small and soar to your first $10k month and beyond—click here to get on the interest list for my group coaching program, MAGNETIC.

  • If you’re crushing $20k months (or more) but aching for more ease, more spaciousness, a deeper spiritual practice, real freedom, and/or a quantum leap towards 7-figures—click here to learn more about my mastermind for coaches and consultants, BRILLIANCE.

  • And if don't fit into any of the categories above, but you want a Masterful Coach who can help you heal old wounds, so you can show up for your dreams, apply to work with me 1-1 right here.

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