Hi, I’m Becky Keen

And I’ve always loved making money.

I’m Becky Keen

And I’ve always loved making money.

Since age 12, I’ve had an obsession for turning passions into abundant *wait, I can get paid to be ME?!* businesses.

Decades later, the path became more clear: Growing brands and businesses for myself wasn’t enough.

Sharing this bank-growing knowledge and showing other go-getting women to make money from their gifts was my calling all along.

After co-hosting a TV show at age 12, the truth came out

From a young age, I naturally sought ways to make money and feel independent *and buy the cutest trends from the mall, of course*. In a few of my wildest escapades, I:

  • Ran a real life babysitters club by age 11, taking commissions off my minions employees
  • At age 12, co-hosted a science-based TV show *Turns out, you only get the opportunities you audition, well put yourself, out for*
  • At age 18, I sailed the world and, while on a boat in the Pacific, I saw people making great money on the oil rigs

After my sailing adventure, inspired by what I’d seen, I entered the oil & gas industry. My life went from on-the-go to corporate. Soon enough, I was married *to my amazing husband* and had my 2 beautiful children.

Years went by. One day, sitting at my desk, I felt overworked and the need to seek freedom.

It wasn’t enough to make good money at my corporate oil & gas job. 

Ready for more, like childhood me booking another sitter for a mom of twin girls, there was a fire within. I had a gift to share, which I only had to be brave enough to claim. 

 To put my toes in the water *like the ocean I’d earlier sailed*, I began consulting. Even from those first few sessions, pen in hand and ears intentionally listening, I KNEW this was the right path – even if scary at times. 

From hourly consulting to that first $5,000 package

Making hourly funds from consulting was satisfying at first, but I didn’t want to jump until knowing I could match *or better yet* exceed my corporate oil & gas job salary. 

 Two moments struck my existence like a car that once rammed my family (that’s a story for another time). 

 First, one woman said YES to a $5,000 package. That was equal to MONTHS of what I had been charging – It was 50 of my hourly rates combined yet in one concise, crisp package.

 Holy s***. This could work. Then?!

The moment I saw the cold hard cash in my bank account (real, tangible evidence!), the possibilities exploded like fireworks

I was actually going to do this – easily!

After selling 1 package, I suddenly KNEW others would buy, too. Three more made a $20k month. Like magic *except not because #strategy*, more people began to come and invest. 

Sitting at my home desk, kids in the other room munching on goldfish, I pulled up my online checking account.

My brain could not process that number on my bank account screen: $39,000

Multiple 5-figures had magnetized to me, WITHOUT hyper-stressful sales calls or an insane juggling of a To Do list. This was not a surreal, unreachable dream but a proven reality. 

 If I, a mom of 2 who ALSO worked a corporate job could do this, I realized any driven woman, any big-dreaming momma could earn incredible money SIMPLY by being themselves & using the right money mindset strategies I had.

Because money isn’t figures in the bank, it’s a dream family vacation and feeling of independence

While finances give us security, money is so much more than numbers in a checking account. Drawing from unique gifts to earn more cash:

  • Creates a sense of worth and validating this is not a small hobby but real, life-changing business 
  • Allows the ability to generously give to causes and people we love 
  • Frees us to give us and our families the bucket list dreams and daily joys, knowing it was earned on our own dime *not anyone else’s – husband’s or otherwise*

Now, years after showing other women to rake in 5-figure months, get sold out, launch retreats and achieve dreams they never thought possible, I’d love nothing more than to show YOU how to do the same.

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