Hey, I’m Becky Keen. And this is my story…

By the time I was in my thirties, I had everything I thought I’d always wanted: Husband and two kids. The big corporate job. The nice house next to the ocean.

I’d sailed around the world, worked as an advisor to big oil and gas companies and started two highly successful companies.

I was making a healthy 6-figures in my consulting company and had co-founded a software company that won the Gold Award for Best New Business in Atlantic Canada.

From the outside looking in, I had it all. But from the inside looking out, something BIG felt ‘off’

I could feel the disconnect inside, a little nudge trying to get my attention. Like a compass needle, telling me I was off course. I wrestled with wanting to be happier, but not knowing how to find it – or even where to look.

I worked my office job (pencil skirt ’n all) but left the house with a crushing weight on my chest.

I knew I needed a change, but there was a long list of reasons why I couldn’t change.

At that point, I had almost 20 years in the industry. What would people think? What would I do next? How would I make money? Who was I without my career to define me?

And then one cool September day, when my daughter was 7 years old, we were involved in a super close call, near-fatal car accident.

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That day, I witnessed death.

Felt it inside my veins, tasted it on my lips and all I could think about was how close it had almost been. In the snap of a finger, life became extremely precious to me.

And in that moment of clarity – I swore I would NEVER do work that wasn’t deeply connected to who I am.

I invested in coaching and tapped into the part of me that is deeply alive, wildly creative and a badass business woman who knows how to make money with SOUL.

In the first year of coaching full-time, I hit six-figures and women started asking me if I could help them with their soul-centered businesses.

I’ve since worked with hundreds of women (and counting) – helping them build their businesses in a way that’s 100% aligned with who they are.

I’m certified as a Leadership Coach & Facilitator, completed Mastery for Coaches and hold more certificates than I can count!

But nothing has prepared me more for being a coach than getting out there and coaching + mentoring other women. 

That and continuously pushing my own edges, working with world-class leaders and running multiple profitable businesses myself!

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