Life Coaching Packages With Examples: The Only Framework You Need to Sell More Coaching

As a Coach or Consultant, you want to have multiple packages or offers, as we call them in the online world. In this blog, I’ll explain how to structure your life coaching packages with examples, using a three-tiered framework. This model not only works for coaches, but it also works for copywriters, graphic designers, healers, and other service-based consultants.

This is because when you have multiple offers that follow a tiered framework, customers can easily identify the level at which they’d like to invest, and it makes it clear to see the value of your life coaching packages or spiritual coaching packages (or whatever you sell).

Having multiple offers that use 3-tiered pricing also maximizes your revenue; because clients can move through your offers, often buying more than one thing. This creates client retention, lowers marketing costs and enhances the client experience.

It also gives clients an ascension model—a way for them to move through your offers. If you don’t have something else for them to purchase, they’ll go find someone else to work with.

Another reason why we use multiple coaching packages and 3-tiered pricing in the coaching industry is that it helps you sell more of your coaching packages, easily.

I’ll explain more in this post, but think about it this way:

When you go car shopping, you have multiple options and multiple prices right?

People can self-select what car they want, based on their budget and willingness to invest. They can also choose a base model, middle range, or premium finishes.

The same can be said with coaching offers:

If you have multiple entry points at different prices, your clients get to choose what level of investment they’re ready to commit to.

Let’s say you’re at a restaurant staring at the wine menu. You’re given all the options: Cheap, average and expensive. Most people will go for the average-priced wine, whereas a smaller percentage will pick the cheap, or expensive. The average-priced wine is “flanked” with two other options, which drives most of the buys to the middle-priced wine.

Airlines also use this strategy.

They sell economy seats, premium economy, and first class. This strategy drives traffic to the middle prices seats, in this case, premium economy.

In this post, I’ll show you exactly how you can do this with your life coaching packages with examples to increase your sales, make more money and give you back your time.

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Life Coaching Packages With Examples and The Three-Tiered Framework Explained:

When you’re creating your packages, you typically want to have three offers.

The three tiers are:

  1. Tier 1: Small Bite (your appetizer)
  2. Tier 2: Signature Offer (your main course)
  3. Tier 3: Premium Offer (your 5-course dinner)

Now, let’s dive into each one separately.

Tier 1: Small Bite Offer

Your small bite offer is for someone who wants a quick taste of what it’s like to work with you. Think of this as your appetizer, not your main course. Not everyone is that hungry for dinner, nor is everyone going to want to jump into a bigger container right away.

This is for people who want to try it out and get a taste or idea first, before committing. 

Your small bite offer should be the cheapest way to work with you—the lowest level of investment. Ideally, it’s a digital offer of some sort, so that you don’t have to deliver this offer personally.

However, if you’re just starting out as a coach, you may not know enough about your ideal customer to create a digital offer, in which case, a small bite offer might just be a single coaching session with a specific focus.

Tier 2: Signature Offer

This is your main offer. This is the thing you want most people to buy, the offer you want to sell again and again. You want to LOVE selling and delivering this.

Typically…this is the offer that you want “all roads to lead to.” This means you direct the majority of people towards this offer.

It should be more in-depth and more expensive than the small bite offer.

If you’re just starting out, this might just be a 3 or 6-month coaching package, but as you grow your business, this could be a group program, online course, or a Mastermind. If you’re a service provider, this might be a done-with-you consulting package.

Tier 3: Premium Offer

This is your premium service or VIP offer, the most expensive way to work with you.

This could be a done-for-you type service if you’re a service provider, or if you’re a coach with a group program, this might 1-1 support, as you’ll have limited time to do 1-1 coaching as your business grows.

This is for people who love to have it all, who want to invest fully, who are super ready to commit, or who want faster results. 

Think about how you can customize this person’s experience. They don’t want a ton of training modules to watch or loads of PDFs to wade through. They want custom, white glove, attention paid to them and their unique needs.

Make sure you charge accordingly for this level of service!

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In an ideal world, clients should be able to move from one offer to the next, but keep in mind that different clients will enter at different points of entry.

Some people are going to start on a lower-end offer and want to move up, others are going to come in at a higher-end offer and stay there, and other people are going to move all the way from one offer to the next.

These people will invest in everything, which means you have completely maximized the lifetime value of that customer. It’s so much easier and cheaper to upsell to an existing client, than it is to find a brand-new client.

As you put your offers together, think about the customer’s journey and how you can move them through with your different offers, catered to each stage.

And remember, as a person moves through the tiers, they’ll are likely paying to have more access to you. It should be pricier to have your 1-1 time. Your time is valuable, and you want to honour that, so the offers with lots of access to you will logically be more expensive.

This is a really effective way to build your business so you can be highly profitable, without burning out.

Life Coaching Packages With Examples, Using The Three-Tiered Framework

Small Bite Offer (Tier 1):

When I first started my business, I offered a one-time coaching session called “The Money Mastery Session.” This was a 90-minute Zoom session where we would work together 1-1 on money mindset. It was strategically priced at $500. I wanted it to be a price that the person buying it, could logically flow into my signature offer, which at the time, was 1-1 coaching, priced at $5,000.

Now, seven years into my coaching business, I rarely offer single sessions.

Currently, I have multiple digital offers priced from $37-$77, which can be purchased without a new client ever interacting with me. This means I can sell them 24/7, while nurturing people along for my higher ticket programs. These are mostly short recorded masterclasses with workbooks.

If you want to learn more about how to create packages and offers, you can purchase this 30-minute masterclass and get a complete breakdown of how to put an offer together using the framework I’ve explained in this post.

With a small bite offer, the idea is to be able to serve more people at one time if you can, while giving them some type of small experience of what it’s like to work with you in a deeper way.

The easiest way to get clients that want to stick around for the long term, is to give people an experience of what it’s like to work with you. Other great examples of small-bite offers are low-priced masterclasses, live workshops and virtual retreats.

Signature Offer (Tier 2):

When I first started out, my “signature offer” was simply my 1-1 coaching package, which consisted of 1-1 calls, and Voxer support.

After I helped people move through a money block in the Money Mastery Session, the client would have gained clarity over their blocks, gained insight into their next steps, gotten to know me more, and usually be ready to buy the next offer. 

I have since moved my 1-1 support into my Premium Offer, and now my signature offer is my group coaching program, Magnetic.

Other examples of a signature offer would be a course, membership, mastermind, or a certification program.

But if you’re just starting out, your signature offer can 100% be your 1-1 coaching.

Premium Offer (Tier 3):

The highest tier in your offer suite should be a premium offer or VIP package. This is for the person who is super ready to invest in themselves and who is prepared to go all in.

Make a special package for this offer, because even if you don’t want to sell this offer, having one that you can talk about, will drive sales to your signature offer. (In the same way that airlines price their first class seats, to encourage buyers to the premium economy seats).

In simplest forms, a premium offer could be your signature offer with some add-ons.

If you sell 1-1 coaching, you could include a VIP Day in your premium offer. If you sell group coaching, maybe your premium offer includes the group program, with a few 1-1 calls.

A Mastermind also makes an excellent premium offer, and is a natural next step for someone who has taken your group coaching program, is in your membership, or who has taken your course.

I’ve also sold high-ticket VIP Days as a premium offer. Nowadays, I tend to sell those as a lead into 1-1 coaching, but you can totally sell a VIP day on its own in this category.

Life Coaching Packages with Examples, Consultants Packages with Examples:

Example #1

You could teach a group masterclass online as your small bite offer. You invite 20-50 people into this masterclass, and they pay $50 each. 

Or perhaps you sell a 2-day virtual retreat for $300.

In both cases, they get a taste of what it’s like to work with you, and then some of them will decide to sign up for your group coaching program, or to come on your luxurious Hawaii retreat for $5000.

Then, some of them will become your 1-1 clients or join your mastermind, your highest ticket offers (your premium package).

Example #2

You offer a 90-minute breakthrough session for $500. From there, some people will move into either a three-month accelerator program for $5,000 or a six-month coaching package for $5,000.

You could apply the $500 from the breakthrough session to the next package. The $2,500 would become $2,000, or the $5,000 package would become $4,500. Great incentive, right? Be sure to give a deadline on being able to use this “credit.”

Once they’ve worked through those coaching packages, maybe they join you for a luxurious one-on-one retreat experience as the VIP premium offer.

Example #3

For this last example, let’s say you have an ebook or small digital product for your small bite, priced at $25. 

They get so much value for your small bite offer, that they are immediately sold on your signature course at $2,000. You use email marketing to upsell them after they’ve purchased.

And then maybe they attend your inner circle mastermind with a live event for VIPs only.

Do you see how each offer flows into the next?

One last thing to keep in mind:

I’ve given you the framework for how to create your life coaching packages with examples. We create offers this way for flow, client retention, and yes, maximized revenue.

And….it’s really about positioning your offers to utilize human behaviour and buyer psychology. If you’re on a sales call with someone and you’re describing your offers, having three offers gives them choice and also positions that middle offer—your signature offer—as more affordable.

Not only that, but when done right, you’ll directly engage and connect with your customers as you create your offers, so they are made with their success in mind.

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Even if you don’t want to sell a premium offer, have one and share that it is more expensive than your signature offer. This makes your signature offer feels more appealing.

It’s like when you know that a first-class ticket to Hawaii costs $3,000, economy is $600, all of a sudden a premium economy ticket for $1000 is a great deal. But without that first-class ticket price as a comparison, it seems expensive.

I hope that gives you some ideas on how to price your coaching packages!

Would you like to discover how to magnetize your dream clients, now that you’ve got some offer ideas? Check out my free quiz here, to get step-by-step guidance on your path as a coach or consultant.

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