6 Questions To Ask Yourself If Your Business Doesn’t Feel 100% Aligned

There’s a collective shift, a reckoning, a coming-back-to-wholeness, especially for many of the women I surround myself with.

They’re asking themselves questions like: What the heck do I even want? How do I want to live? Who do I want to BE?

And after a summer that felt like it was the summer I needed, more than ever before, I’ve emerged from lazy beach days and cottage weekends having done my own internal soul searching. I find myself renewed with internal feelings of: 

  • Goodness
  • Wholeness
  • Peace
  • Trust
  • Truth

Of being reminded of exactly who I am.

That’s the thing about taking time off. It gives you time to simply BE. To come back to center or wholeness.

And when you come back—from vacation or maybe after a period of being off due to burnout or looking after a loved one, you find that what you thought you wanted, no longer applies.

But what to do?

You have a business, right? People are expecting you to show up!

Not to mention the years you’ve spent building and the loads of money you’ve invested to get to where you are. You can’t just burn it all down!

Or can you?

What if you COULD?

What if you COULD burn it all down?

What would that look like? Who would you be?

What would your days look like? Who would you serve? Would you be doing all the things you do now?

This summer, I came into my own realization—mostly that I don’t want to build a million-dollar business and be super famous (yes, I thought I really wanted that). I’d been investing in my business for a period of growth (and overspending as a result), but in fact, I’ve realized that:

I LOVE running ONE group program (and not several like years past).

I LIKE having a small but effective team.

I WANT to work on my book and write more, way way way more.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s ok?

Yes, it’s more than okay.

We’ve been taught and conditioned to believe that we’re only worthy when we’re on the go, when we’re growing, when we’re building upwards, when we’re in action. When we’re climbing the invisible ladder that someone else created.

But that ladder was never designed for you or me or her or them in the first place. (Shoutout to Katharina Reed for introducing myself and my group members with the concept of the patriarchal ladder).

But what about all that juicy space in between?

Can you be okay with not knowing?

Can you be okay standing in the in-between?

Transformation happens in the in-between space and it’s when we’re present to our own internal desires that we finally have the capacity to drop the “shoulds”.

Speaking of fire and burning things down, (not that I make light of fire, at all, it’s a real and truly dangerous beast), it’s part of our natural world.

Nature has embedded fire—burning it down—to make room for new. To clear the way for green. To clear the way for fresh.

And so dear one…

...if you find yourself waking up after some time off this summer

...if you find yourself emerging from the pandemic with some realizations that what you thought you wanted isn’t what you wanted at all

You’re not alone.

This was the very conversation we had inside my group coaching program BRILLIANCE this week. It was our first call since the summer break and there was an echo of voices saying….

“I’m done with the shoulds”

“I just can’t anymore”

“I don’t want to”

And that’s okay.

It doesn’t mean you’re lazy or not meant to be an entrepreneur. 

It means you have a heart, you have a soul, you have a voice.

You’re allowed to reassess things. You’re allowed to questions your intentions. You’re allowed to change and re-create. And it’s from that place that you build upwards from. You create a business based off your internal cues, from your soul’s purpose.

I know that’s probably not what the online gurus say, but seriously? Fuck them.

If you’re nodding your head with a resounding yes, here are some journal prompts to help you come back to center:

What do you really know to be true?

What is your unshakeable knowing? (even if you don’t know the how)

What does the whole of you, desire?

What patterns do you need to break in order to be who you truly want to be?

When you are in your moments of quiet, connected to your essence, what’s in the space of expansion?

What can you no longer deny?

If you want to join a group of women entrepreneurs who are all coming back to themselves to run a business that feels like an extension of your soul, check out this page to see what’s it’s all about and then book a call with me to apply.

Or—if you’re craving a more intimate, in-person experience—I invite you to check out this retreat that I’m hosting with Elise Besler. It’s not a business retreat, but I promise it will bring you to a place of wild expansion.



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