How to create an offer that sells with ease (+snag my offer checklist)

I was *supposed* to escape alone this weekend.

Me, myself and I.  And the great wild woods. But at the last minute….my husband jumped into the car!

It had been so long since we’d been together without the kids, that I’d forgotten what it was like to be alone, to be together, to just be *us.*

We slept and ate and read books and paddled up a river and lounged on a rock and ate a charcuterie board (except I forgot the crackers!) and watched eagles soar overhead.

On the way back to our family cabin in the woods, the wind was up, and I mean UP—we had to paddle so hard to get back (does anyone actually like paddling across a windy lake?).

When we finally made it back, we crawled into bed at 3pm in the afternoon and rested.

Ah, sweet rest.

But you know what was better than all of that?

We talked.

Like, we talked uninterrupted for hours. No kids to tend to or make food for and telling us, “I’m bored.”

We went through our entire history together (almost 20 years!) and chatted about when we met, why we liked each other, the adventures we had, the problems we’ve navigated, how I wanted babies (ha!) and everything in between.

I told him I fell in love with him because he was stable and consistent and predictable (not like some of the *boat guys* I’d dated).

He told me he’d been attracted to me because I was exciting and spontaneous and always changing life up. Nothing has changed in that regard—on either front!

I came home feeling like we’d had a relationship refresh.

A check in. A review. A debrief.

Debriefs were something we used to do regularly in my oil and gas days. We ALWAYS reviewed results and KPIs and what worked and what didn’t.

And it’s something we should be doing more inside of our businesses. 

We get SO caught up in moving ahead, that sometimes, we forget to see if we even WANT to move ahead.

Kinda like offering products and services and programs that we’re tired of offering. We get stuck in this rut and maybe it’s time to shift things, shake things, change it up a bit!

Sometimes the reason something isn’t working (aka isn’t selling) is because we’re no longer aligned with it anymore. 

Truth-bomb: You need to be in love and obsessed with your own offers in order to sell them. 

Many of my clients come to me because they want to be inspired and lit up by their work. Or, they’re plain old tired of selling something they no longer want to deliver. It feels hard and forced. They know there’s got to be a better way! Maybe you can relate?

So we always go back to basics and I like to ask them to check in—is this something you even want to be selling?

Before we get into how to put an offer together—

Let’s define what an offer is:

An offer is a thing that you’re selling. It’s your brilliance (the work you do in this world) connected to a price tag.

(Notice that you’re not connected to the price tag, the service is—but that’s another post for another time).

Depending on what you do, an offer may be:

  • Sessions
  • Services
  • VIP Day
  • Day rate
  • Retainers
  • Products
  • Programs
  • Masterminds
  • Retreats
  • Course
  • Mini offer

It’s really just a pretty way of talking about what you sell.

Now that it’s clear what we’re talking about, here’s my gut checklist in case you need a debrief/review/shake-up of your offers.

Ask yourself these questions if your offer isn’t selling:

  • Am I massively in love with this offer?
  • Am I excited to deliver it, based on the money (energy) exchange?
  • Do I want to JUMP out of bed to do this work?
  • Does this offer allow me to show up in a way that aligns with my energy?
  • Does this offer allow me to show up in my fullest capacity?
  • Does this offer fit into my overall framework, so it fuels my business growth?
  • Can I talk about this offer on repeat?

If I’ve answered YES to all of the above, then next, you can look at the offer itself to make sure you’ve addressed the following points:

The Offer Checklist

  1. Is it clear what the offer is and who exactly it’s for?
  2. Have I outlined the ways that this offer helps my ideal client? Is it clear how this serves and supports them?
  3. Have I addressed the “so what” factor? (So what = what becomes possible as a result of doing this work together).
  4. What has my ideal client tried before to solve their problem and it didn’t work for them? How is my offer different?⁠
  5. Even if they follow through on our work together, how might they still not be successful? Where might they fail?⁠ Have I addressed this gap?
  6. Have I used my ideal client’s EXACT language within the offer?
  7. Have I outlined what’s included inside the offer and explained how it works?

The *secret* to a brilliant offer is that it serves you and it serves your ICA. (If you’re looking for more info on how to put your offers together, check out this blog on tiered offers that I wrote here).

I recently heard from one of my clients who launched her very first high ticket group program with a simple PDF and by inviting people into sales calls. The reason it worked?

The offer is solid, she showed up consistently to promote it and her energy was GOLDEN. She was committed to selling that offer, she was SO excited by it.

People see that. They FEEL your energy.

If you’re ready to build out a fabulous offer that you can’t wait to sell (or you want support revising an existing offer), click here to book a zero pressure conversation to discuss what it would look like to work together.

I can’t wait to hear about the magic you’re putting out into this world.



P.S. It’s easy for me to talk about only selling things I love to sell and to suggest that we all take that path. In reality, we all come to entrepreneurship with different resources, responsibilities and lived experiences. Like much in our lives—it’s a path. There are stages.

The goal is to be offering work that’s connected to our zone of brilliance because it feels good, it’s sustainable and it keeps us aligned. But you may find yourself along different stages of the journey where you’re selling something you don’t want to sell in order to make ends met. If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re not behind.

You’re on this journey and I honour that 💕.

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