How to HOLD A SALES CALLS THAT CONVERTS: A 6 Step FRAMEWORK to a Discovery Call You Can Feel Good About



But when you’re selling with soul, you can have a sales conversation that doesn’t feel like a sales conversation. 

One of the most important things with selling is feeling comfortable, particularly feeling comfortable with the words that are coming out of your mouth and how the conversation is flowing. 

I don’t believe in scripts, so I’m not going to tell you to write up a sales script. But I do believe in having markers in your sales call, like little milestones or steps that you’ll hit as you go through the conversation. 

There are 5 steps to a soulful sales call or discovery call (with a Step 0). In this post, let’s dive into each of them, one step at a time. 

Step 0. Prepping your energy

You know how we try to have morning routines in order to have a successful day? This step is like having a pre-call routine in order to have a successful discovery call. 

Having a one to five minute ritual before your calls can be really helpful for tapping into your sales superpower. 

What you’re thinking about in this step is: How can you show up on the call feeling really powerful, tapped into who you are on a soul level, and grounded, inside YOUR BODY. 

If you’re the type of person who’s up in your head with lots of ideas and swirling crown chakra energy, you might spend a minute or two in meditation imagining your energy dropping down into your body and settling down at the base of your spine.

If you’re a very earthy person or your vibe is at a bit of an easier pace, you might want to bring your energy up a bit. You could do 10 jumping jacks, or run around the block, or whatever you need to do to step into that.

I like to think of it as: what do I need to do to step into my high vibe self?

For me, I usually like to wear something nice (although I have closed 10k packages in my running clothes and still sweaty, so this isn’t a rule), and I like to rock a fun lipstick and I channel the board room version of me – confident, fun, clear and ready for action!

Now, it’s not about being someone you’re not. If you’re a quieter person, it’s okay to be that quieter person on a call. You want to be who you are, and connected to your own unique sales style.

Step 1. Connect and Serve

People buy from people who they know, like, and trust. So whatever you can do to make a comfortable connection with the person on the call with you, is perfect.

Settle into the energy of being together and make some kind of connection.

Remember, it’s possible they’re nervous! Booking this call with you was a big deal for them, they already made a big step, and you want to honour that and do what you can to put them at ease. 

You could talk about the weather, ask them about their kids (if you’ve creeped their instagram and you know they have kids), ask them how they are, – really anything just to put them at ease and get the pre-jitters out of the way. 

Think of this as the small talk on a first date before you get into the juicy stuff 😜

The other half of step 1, is to commit to showing up in service and to being completely detached to the outcome for the call. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about them, but it means you park your objectives, and you commit to showing up in service for the person in front of you. 

You’re here to really help them unravel whatever it is they’re stuck with, and to hold that space for them to make a decision on their next steps.

Step 2. Listen and Learn

This step is all about FULL BODY listening. 

There are two parts to this step: one is to unravel their pain points, and the other is to get them connected to their vision. 

Start with the pain, then move them towards the pleasure. 

It’s important to talk about both. If they don’t see where they’re stuck or hurting, it’s going to be hard for them to make a buying decision.

Likewise, if they don’t know what their vision is or what they’re trying to move towards, they also won’t be able to make a buying decision. 

Here are some questions you can ask to better understand where they are stuck and to get the “pain” part of the conversation going:

  • Tell me why we’re here. What made you book this call?
  • What’s going on inside your business?
  • Where are you stuck? What are you struggling with?
  • What’s the number one thing that’s really holding you back?

And then just let them talk.

And remember: you’re not here to fix it for them at this point. You’re just here to listen.

Repeat back to them some of what they said, for example “Okay, I hear you’re really struggling with XYZ…” to really validate them and make sure they feel heard.

You can also tell some stories related to their struggles, whether that’s from a past client, someone else you know, or even your own past, illustrating someone who worked through that same thing and successfully worked through it.

This helps to normalize what they’re struggling with and let them know it’s possible to move out of that. 

From there you’ll move into the vision part of this step. 

Some discovery questions you can ask to help them clarify their vision could be:

  • If you were to really go for it this year, what would that look like?
  • If you were to play full out and run straight towards your dream life, what would your life look like? 
  • If you could move through [insert thing that’s holding them back] what would change, who would you be able to become?
  • What does your day look like in your ideal vision for yourself?

You want them painting a picture of what’s possible in their life, without the pain that they just established. 

You also want to establish the “Why now”. Why do they want to make these changes in their life / business now? 

This is important because if they don’t feel urgency with their pain point and vision, they’re not gonna have that motivation to move to the next place.

Step 3. Make the Invitation

This is the step where so many people get stuck on their discovery calls, because this is when you share about your offers.

But I have just the fix – instead of just starting to rabble about what you do, ask for permission.

Say something like, “Would you like to hear how I support my client?” or “Would you like me to share my offers?” 

That’s the key for those of us who are worried about coming across salesy or icky! Asking for permission gives you complete permission to share your offers without any gross feelings. 

If you’ve done a good job in the first 2 steps, then they are going to be DYING to know about HOW you can help them.

If they say no at this point, it’s time to end the call. But normally at this point, they’re excited to know how they can work with you.


Tell them about your three offers – large, medium, and small – and use one or two sentences for each one illustrating who it’s for and how it supports them. 

If you can, match it to their language that they’ve used in Step 2.

You’re not changing the package or outcomes, but talk about it so that the other person can really hear you. You’re meeting them where they are to show them what’s possible and that your offer matches what they need.

Keep it short and sweet, and don’t talk about prices (yet). 

You’re stating your offers, but not the prices, because you want to hear what feels right for them without the price attached, because money is going to complicate things. 

After listing the no-more-than-three offers that you think might be a good fit, say something like “Which of those packages would best support you?” or “What feels closest to what you’re looking for?” or “What feels the most exciting to you?”

If they say something like “Well, depending on the price…”, you want to stand firm and say “We’ll talk about price in just a second. I’m just really curious of those options, what do you feel the most lit up by?”

That way, you let them tap into the possibilities and it helps you understand what you need to work towards to help them come through the door of working with you.

Step 4. Talk About The Money

If talking about money makes you nervous, don’t be! By following these steps, at this point it’s so natural to talk about money!

All you have to do is say something like “Do you want to talk about price?”

You want to make it light and easy. They’re going to say yes, because they so want to talk about money at this point. 

You’ll give the pricing for each of the three offers. The idea is to sandwich your middle offer, and help people see the different values associated with each price tag. 

First, state your high-end offer price.


It’s hard to pause after you say a big number like that, but stay in your body, pause, then move to your middle offer.

Pause again. Take a breath.

Then state your small bite offer, also with the price attached.

After that it’s a feeling-it-out kind of thing. 

Some people will say “Oooh that’s a lot of money.”

Some people will say “That’s not as bad as I thought!”

Some people won’t say anything at all.

Give it a good long pause. If they say something, great, respond. If they don’t, you can say “What’s coming up for you?” or “How does that feel?” or “What feels right for you?”

And you have the deeper money conversation. You could tell them about payment plans, or if they have pricing objections, you can coach them through their objections to help them find the right course of action for them. 

At this point in the conversation, it’s really about empowering them to make a buying decision, to help them get to a yes or no.

And even if they say they can’t because of the money, I would encourage you to help them through this. It’s rarely about the money (although of course some people, legit don’t have the money, in which case, you might need a better intake form to make sure you’re getting on calls with people who match your investment requirements). 

Money objections are usually a sign of a deeper fear. They’re worried they’ll fail, or that they’re not ready or that it won’t work for them. Having that conversation with them and getting to the route of their fears WITH THEM on the call will change the way you do sales calls forever (and help you close way more of them).

Step 5. Close the Call & Celebrate their Decision

No matter what decision they make, you want to end the call by celebrating their decision.  

If they say YES, it’s as simple as “Awesome, let me share the next steps with you,” and then describing your onboarding process. 

You want to keep it super simple and make taking payment very easy. 

Think of your onboarding process as an extension of your sales process.

Take payment on that call, or connect them with your team, and then have a beautiful confirmation email ready to send them, and whatever the rest of your onboarding process is.

One thing to think about is that some people pay for something, and then feel buyer’s remorse. They feel guilty or get in their own minds over self doubt or questioning their decision.

I like to have something to send them to help celebrate with them and validate their decision. I’ll send a little video, or homework, or a book in the mail. Something to say “You did this. You made this step. I’m still here, I got you. I’m still celebrating with you.”

If they say NO, even after working through their objections with you, remember that a lot of times a NO is because it’s not a right fit. 

In which case: great! Send them a resource, make a referral, send them whatever they do need that you can, and send them on their way with joy and love and peace in your heart. 

Another thing to remember is that a No can also sometimes be a future Yes. Maybe the person is a No today, but in six months, they’ll be ready or a perfect fit. 

If this is the case, you could send them to your blog, or a book recommendation, or tell them to join your free Facebook group, or connect on Instagram. 

I’ve had lots of women come back to me and say “You were the only coach whose sales call I actually enjoyed, and when I was ready to invest, I picked you,” and they were the fastest Yeses ever. 

And that’s it! Those are the 5 steps to a soulful discovery call or sales call. It’s really about how you can have a really joyful sales conversation. 

After working with a client on implementing this process into her business, she came back to me and said “It feels like I’m having a soul conversation with people now.” I love that!

At the end of the call, you should be feeling happy. They’ll have come to a decision, they’ve sorted out their pain, the solution, whether they want to move through that door with you or not. 

Whether you’ve booked them into your business or sent them on their way, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to do this for someone else.

Want to learn more about this process?

Check out The Sales Remedy — a $37 course on how to fall in love with sales and hold amazing sales calls that convert!

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