How to Sell without Being Pushy


Perhaps you’re not sure what the value is, you don’t want to turn people away and you most definitely don’t want to come across as pushy or sales-y.

You post on social media hoping that people will be inspired to reach out and sign up for your services. Or perhaps you tell people in your most quiet voice what you charge, feeling guilty about “asking” them for money.

This fear of coming across a certain way is really holding you back from being able to market your offers and get clients lined up inside of your calendar.

If that sounds like you, then welcome.

You’re not alone and it’s super common to struggle with this aspect of your business. In this post I’m going to share with you some simple shifts that you can take to change the energy around sales and money (without ever feeling pushy).

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Get Your Mindset Right for Soulful Selling

You’re heard the experts saying things like…:

“You attract what you put out.”

“Like energy attracts like energy.”

“You get what you give.”

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that having the right mindset is one of the number one ways you can guarantee growth inside your business.

In fact, in her latest book ‘Chillpreneur’, Money Mindset Mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas says that working on your mindset is the #1 thing you need to do to build a profitable business.

And I agree! You can have the marketing and the strategy nailed, but it you don’t work on your mindset, your inner critic and limiting beliefs will sabotage you time and time again.

When you bring negative money energy to your sales calls, or you doubt your own prices, or you come from a place of scarcity and lack, this will show up in what kind of people you attract into your business. So unless you want to have a list of clients who try to get your services at discounted prices, and you want to keep underserving and over delivering, then addressing your mindset should be on the top of your list.

Here are some things you can do and keep in mind that will help shift your mindset.

#1) It’s A Disservice To Not Sell

When you hold back from selling, you are holding back on helping others.

Think about that for a second.

Because here’s the thing: when people invest money in something, they are WAY more likely to show up. If you undercharge or give discount or barter all the time, you are sending a very strong underlying message that you don’t believe in your clients’ transformation.

And I know that’s not true – because you love helping people, right? So you need to give them the opportunity to put some skin in the game so they show up – for themselves.

Who are you hurting by holding back on selling?

It’s not just you; it’s your clients as well.

So get out there and talk about what you do. You have a responsibility to share your magic. You’re offering something of incredible value.

Make a list of how you help people. After clients have worked with you, what do they say about the experience? What become possible for them? What changes have they made in their life?

Then go back and look at that list and reflect on the true value that you’re bringing to your clients. It’s worth more than $85/session!

(And if you need to learn exactly how to price your offers or coaching packages, check out the full article I wrote RIGHT HERE).

#2) Reflect On Your Personal Money Story

No matter who you are or what your background is, you have a history with money. We all do!

It runs through all aspects of our lives and depending of your background, you’ve heard messages about money from your parents and social circles.

Whether there was never enough money to pay the bills, or you grew up with more than enough, we’ve all inherited other people’s beliefs about money as our own.

And unless you’ve unravelled those stories and gotten clear about what your TRUE beliefs are, you’ll bring your money stuff into all of your sales calls and unconsciously project that onto your clients.

Combine that with their money stories and it’s no wonder so many people struggle with closing sales!

For example…

If you have thoughts like, “People don’t have money to spend on things like coaching! They’re too busy trying to make ends meet,” then those are the beliefs that you’ll take into your marketing and calls, and it will be very difficult to convince even yourself of the value of your services – let alone another person.

What if instead, you believed that… “My services change lives and there are clients out there who are willing to invest.” How would that change how you show up in your calls?

As a starting place, notice your thoughts about money: 

  • Are they positive or negative?
  • Does it make you anxious, or excited? Or do you feel neutral?
  • How and where does money create a charge for you and are you bringing that into your calls?

As you begin to unravel and shift your money beliefs, you’ll begin to notice that you have the ability to spot other people’s money beliefs and stories.

And that is a huge advantage on a sales call because then you support your prospective clients in working through their own money objections, (instead of buying into “I don’t have the money.”

The truth is – it’s rarely ever about the money. It’s often what people will say, but there’s usually something underneath that statement. Something along the lines of:

“I’m not sure this will work for me.”
“I’m worried I won’t get the results I’m looking for.”
“I’m afraid of investing in myself.”
“What if this works? Then I’ll really have to show up!”

When you’ve done the work and transformed your own money beliefs, you can more easily hold space for the other person to get clear on what they really want. And usually, they really want to work with you and just needed a bit of support to see that without the complications or their own s***.

Stop Telling Yourself That You Need To Find More Clients

This immediately places you in a position of scarcity and lack. What if you believed that you could create a client anytime you like? What if instead of feeling powerless, you took responsibility and tapped into your own resourcefulness?

We don’t find clients. We CREATE them. It’s hard to create when you’re focused on what you don’t have, so try coming at it from a place of gratitude and service.

Here’s how I do this:

If I notice that I have space inside my calendar to work with a new client, I’ll spend a few minutes in meditation and ask, “How may I serve?” Or, “Who may I serve?” I look for guidance from source + my highest self, and then when I come out of meditation, I take action on any insight.

I get curious about who I can offer value to and then I usually reach out directly to someone. I usually keep a list of women that I think I could really help and make it a point to offer support – no matter whether they choose to work with me or not.

Look through your past clients, ask for a referral, check your DMs or see who comments on your post. I guarantee that there are women out there looking to work with you. But don’t wait for them to step forward.

Sometimes – especially if you’re just starting out, you need to make the first step. And if that feels uncomfortable, then I would check into that. What’s that about?

There is power in taking action and showing up in service. You then become the co-creator of who you’re working with and inviting into your orbit.

And, by showing up in this way, you’re sending the universe a direct message that you’re here to play.

And one last tip about mindset:

Stop Marketing Yourself

No, I don’t mean that you should stop marketing. I mean that you should stop marketing YOURSELF.

There is no price that’s attached to YOUR value. YOU are priceless, unlimited, and there is no number associated with YOUR worth. Your worth is inherent. Besides…You’re not for sale, are you?

You services have a price attached to them. PERIOD. Focus on the value of the service to your client and the costs associated with running a business.

Then, in conversation with potential clients, you state your prices or fees. You make the invitation and it’s up to them to step forward.

I see a lot of coaches and healers struggle with this because they’ve attached their worth to their prices. But the two are not linked. Your value is not attached to the money you make or are capable of making. Capish?

Detach from the money and the outcome or your clients choices, and pricing, marketing and finding your clients will become much easier. I promise!

Marketing & Being Visible In An Aligned Way

Know Your Target Client Spot-On

If you’re a new coach and you’re just starting your business, I recommend that you stay away from niching – until you’ve had a chance to get to know different kinds of clients and who you enjoy working with.

When I first started coaching, I literally put a post out on Facebook to let people know I was taking on coaching clients one day per week (I was still working my 9-5).

I didn’t say who I wanted to work with or what kind of problems I would help solve. I was open to what showed up. The beauty in this was that I quickly learned who I adored working with (so I could go find more of them) and who I wasn’t meant to serve.

Too many coaches put themselves in a box when they’re first starting out and they miss the experience of letting it be fun and playful.

And BTW, you can easily get to 6-figures without niching by using direct outreach and referrals to build your practice.

Niching only becomes important when you’re developing marketing materials, running ads, and putting together copy that needs to speak directly to your ICA.

As I began to learn more and more about myself as a coach and the clients I adored working with, I practiced listening on a cellular level and started taking notes. Like real notes, on paper.

Every time a client says something about what they’re stuck with, I pay attention and write it down. Because when you use your client’s own words inside your marketing material, you’re prospective customers will feel as if you’re talking directly to them.

And we all like to feel seen and heard, right? They’ll feel like you’re inside their head and it’ll bring them one step closer to wanting to work with you.

Follow these practical tips when trying to target your ideal customer:

  • After you host your first workshop or retreat, ask people why they came or what drew them in. Take note of this and use that as your messaging the next time you run the same workshop.
  • Interview clients who meet your description of your ideal customer. What do they struggle with? What do they want help with?
  • Get really clear on the solution that you provide. One of my clients told me that she helps people improve the quality of their lives, and I said, “So they can what?” Her response was, “So they can start their own consulting or coaching business.” And I was like, “Ok, that’s what you need to say in your marketing then!” It’s usually better to be clear and specific, rather than waffley and vague.

Your Energy Matters

People buy your energy.

It’s not about how many sessions they get when they work with you and it’s not about the price (price objections usually have an underlying factor as discussed above).

People buy into something when they see the possibilities for themselves (a solution) AND they buy from people who project something that they want. So notice what kind of energy you bring to your sales conversations.

When you meet someone, you can immediately get a sense of their vibe. Have you ever experienced that? That’s energy.

And you’re either attracted or repelled by someone’s energy.

The same thing happens on sales calls. When communicating about your offers, the level of energy that you put towards your offers matters.

Your energy will get mirrored back to you.

For example, if you’re having sales calls, and you yourself are unsure or nervous about your offer or the money conversation, I guarantee that you’ll be met with a similar energy back.

The result? No sale.

But when you feel confident about what you’re selling, that will translate directly into more sales. People will buy into YOUR positive energy.

Here are a few things you can do to quickly shift your energy and bring more confidence to your sales calls:

  • Practice saying your prices in front of the mirror or with a friend until they slip off your tongue without hesitation. Breathe – deep into your belly and stay inside your body when stating your prices.
  • Before getting on a sales call listen to some music that makes you feel empowered. Get up and jump around.
  • Put some lipstick on or your favourite top. If you want to sell your offers, it helps if you feel your best. I have a few outfits I love to wear when I’m having sales calls because they make me feel powerful. With that said, I’ve also sold 10k packages in my sweaty running outfit (I’m sure the endorphins helped!).
  • Have a core promise for each of your offers. That means you should be able to describe each one of your offers in one sentence! Practice this ahead of time, and refine and practice over time.
  • Be excited when you talk about your offers. Use examples of clients who you’ve worked with in the past and the types of results you’ve seen before. Help people see what’s possible for them – crack the door open for them so they can choose to step in.
  • Remember – you’re a spark of the divine and so are they! We’re all just spiritual beings inside these human bodies, so mirror that to your clients and see how much easier it feels to talk about money.

How to Make Your Offer and Sell With Confidence

Be knowledgeable

This is important not just for what you offer, but also what your clients need. Deep listening is an art and when done correctly, it can change the outcome of your sales calls (and coaching practice). When you listen to your prospective clients, you get insight into what they’re looking for. 

I always spend time at the beginning of my calls getting to know my clients and their struggles, so that in the later part of the conversation, I can use their own language to talk about my solution to their problems and how we’ll work together (if I think I can help them. If it doesn’t feel like a fit, I don’t make an offer and I give a referral or a resource that supports them).

Use Stories and Social Proof

Have client stories to reference. People love to know that you’ve worked with someone like them and that it’s been done before.

As you work with more and more women, keep these stories of other client wins at the top of your mind so you can reference them in conversation (being mindful of confidentiality).

The Client’s Journey

Get clear on where a client needs to be in her journey in order to work with you. For example, I am best suited to work with women who already have an idea of what they’d like to be doing and have had some experience working with clients (even if it’s been for free up until now).

If someone is stuck inside a victim story or has zero idea what they want to create, they’re not ready to work with me. And on the other side of the spectrum, I’m not the coach for 7-figure business woman who have complicated funnels.

I focus on helping women do what I have done myself – go from 1-2k months, to 10-20k months with my coaching business.

Take some time to make some notes here – who can you really help and where is she in her journey?

Be clear on Your WHY

Besides wanting to make more, what’s you deeper Why? Why do you do what you do? What is the change you truly wish to see in this world?

For me – my Why is two-fold. I have learned several times how precious life is and how quickly it can change. The first time was when I was twelve and my father died of a heart attack. One day he was there, the next he was gone. I felt that preciousness of life, and after that experience, I never wanted to lose touch with living to the fullest – because now, this very moment, is the only time we really have.

I was reminded of this again when in my mid thirties, my then-7-year-old daughter and I were almost killed in a fatal car accident. I tasted death that day and literally saw a woman lose her life in a flash. Just like that, all she had was gone.

That was the day that I swore I would never waste another minute doing work that I didn’t love. Because how much of our day is spent working? We put so many hours into our work lives that I think it needs to be worth it.

After the car accident, I knew I needed to stop working in oil and gas and that I wanted to help other women make money doing what they loved. If Big Oil and Gas got to make money, then surely women helping women should make  it too?

Grab your journal and go! What drives you? What’s the propeller behind your mission? What’s your deeper Why?

Now make sure this message is woven through your verbal and written communication. It’ll do the marketing for you!

Create An Offer You’re In Love With

If you’re 100% aligned with your offers and you’re completely in love with them yourself, they will almost sell themselves. Your positive, confident energy will be contagious! People often tell me that they talked to 6 coaches but resonated with my energy the most.

I remember when I first started coaching, I had a 90-minute $500 session, a 3-month $2500 package and a 6-month $5,000 package. But when I explained my offers, I would breeze quickly over my packages and then talk about the 90-minute session like it was the best session in the world (because it was).

Guess what happened?

I sold those $500 session like hotcakes, but never sold my bigger packages. Until…

…I changed the energy around the offers. I brought the same level of energy to my 5k package as I had with the 90-min session.

Guess what happened? I started selling the 5k packages like hotcakes.

And then I upped my prices because I also realized how much I bring to my 6-month coaching packages, which needed to be reflected in the price.

You want to check in and see if there’s anything holding you back from selling your offers.

For me, I had an underlying fear that it would be HARD for me to deliver the 6-months of coaching, so I held back selling them (without knowing it). But after some more experience coaching, I began to see how transformational those packages were and got more and more excited to sell them.

Do some inner inquiry if you feel like you’re not IN LOVE with your own services.

  • Are you worried you can’t deliver?
  • Do you question the value in it
  • Does working in that way exhaust you?
  • What is it that’s holding you back from selling with ease?

Once you unravel the reason behind that, you’ll be free to create and sell the offers that you are truly in love with. Those are the ones that’ll sell.


You, my dear, are not a sales person.

If you’re reading this blog, I think it’s safe to assume that you are not at risk of coming across as the guy up on stage telling everyone to sign up for his funnel software and latest sales scripts.

Just be you.

Get clear on your money stories so they don’t show up in your sales calls, know your offers like you know how you like to drink your coffee and realize that you offer a transformational service. You’re changing lives. That is worth a lot of money to a lot of people.

To learn how to price your coaching packages like a pro, GO HERE.

To learn how to do a sales call and covert more clients, Go HERE. 

And if you just wanna get the templates for how I’ve gotten soul’d out, check out this mini-course right HERE.



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