Unravel Your Money Blocks And Increase Your Income


So I’ve been knee deep in the muck over the last six months working on my money mindset.

Trying to shift any of the money blocks that threaten to hold me back from increasing the income in my business.

It all started when I was trying to break through a self-imposed 10k/month barrier I had with my income. 

I noticed that every time I got close to making 10k/month, I’d go on a shopping spree or suggest a family vacation. As if I needed to do something to “get rid” of the money.

That’s when I realized I had some work to do around money beliefs.

I started with books. ‘Cause who doesn’t love a good book? That and it’s a relatively low-cost investment compared to taking a program or hiring a coach.

Out of all the books that I’ve read on money mindset, the ones that have made the biggest impact are:

>>The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist
>>Worth It, by Amanda Steinberg
>>Get Rich Lucky Bitch, by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Do you want to know the one belief that I realized I’d been carrying?

Through reading these books, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had this deep-seated belief that I’m a bad person for wanting MORE.

More of anything!

See, I was always the kid that wanted more than what my parents gave me. Even though what they gave me was a lot.

I wanted more…

…brand name clothes at age 11

…my own car as soon as I got my license

…money to travel when I dropped out of university to sail around the world.

It’s also what pushed me to…

…start my own babysitting business

…get a job as a co-host of a TV station

…say yes to a 85k/year position as a marine superintendent when I was 21.

…achieve a six-figure year in my first year of an online coaching business.

I wanted to have my own money so I could spend it on what I liked.

On what I wanted.

But secretly?

I felt my inner critic telling me that I should be grateful for what I have. That I had enough. That wanting more (and getting more) wasn’t ok.

This little pesky unconscious belief has shown up so often in my life, sabotaging me in following my soul’s path.

As if I might all of a sudden become mean or nasty if I had “too much.”

When did wanting more become bad?

When (and how?!) did I start equating money with a negative force that might swallow me up?

Because if I’m grateful for what I already have (and I truly am) then why is desiring more of a good thing, wrong?

Here’s the shocker…it’s not!

That was a story I was wrapped up inside of, that had been conditioned within me.

And it was really holding me back from becoming bolder, braver and MORE.

Somewhere along the way, I absorbed this unconscious belief that I should be happy with enough and that desiring more would turn me into someone I am not.

That belief was wrong. And it kept me and my spending habits inside a spiral of deep shame and guilt.

I had this need to constantly validate myself through my purchases.

…To not share if I was successful.

…Keep my prices low in fear of offending others.

…Be quiet if I spent money on things that others might view as frivolous.

C’mon? Who was I trying to protect?

The truth of the matter…

…Is that wanting more means I have a big vision. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

I NEED money to:

  • build a 7-figure business
  • provide the kind of life that I want to live
  • to give back to the global community.


My soul desires something greater, but it’s up to me to go out and get it.

So now, instead of buying into the belief that making more money and having more abundance will make me bad, I remind myself that…

It’s safe for me to want more, to have more and to be more.

I can be rich and a good person too.

It’s safe for me to have lots of money.

These are the stories I tell myself. These are the thoughts I stream through my mind as I drift into sleep and first thing when I wake, rewiring my brain with the beliefs I know now to be true.

In a post coming up, I’ll share with you some of the strategies and exercises that I used to rapidly shift my limiting beliefs around money and open up to the more than I am. (And more than triple my monthly revenue, ahem).

For now, can you think about being okay with wanting more?

Can you build the vision of what having “more” looks like for you?

What would it do for you?

How would it help you?

Tell me in the comments below – what do you want more of?

It’s all yours to have. So let’s support each other in going out and getting it!


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