How To Attract Your Customers And Find Your Niche


I hear this a lot from the women that I work with.

So many of my clients have been stuck in identity crisis trying to figure out their ICA (ideal customer avatar) and niche.

Which…if I’m being honest…I can totally relate to.

I was stuck there too, for about 8 months.

In fact, I tried everything to figure it out and spent over $15,000 working with copywriters and business mentors in a quest to find the answers.

I even went to a writing workshop in Italy with the one and only Laura Belgray!

All trying to figure out who I am, what I offer and how to attract my ideal clients.

Don’t get me wrong – every dime I spent was worth it. And I recouped my money on every dollar – and then some.


I was over-complicating this process, overlooking the very thing that held all the answers.

That thing?!

It was my story.

The one that has shaped who I am and why I do what I do.

Think about it for a sec. We all have a story to tell, don’t we?

When I finally figured this out, it was like a light bulb went off. It had been there for so long, I could barely see it.

And it was in telling my story that began to bring in my very first clients.

THEN (and only then) could I begin to see my niche.

Niching becomes really important when you’re working on building a funnel or running facebooks ads or if you’re trying to develop very specific content for a certain audience.

But when you’re first starting out – worrying too much about your niche WILL hold you back.

My tip?

Tell your damn story and see who shows up!

It’s in telling your story that’ll help YOU refine and connect to your message AND attract the people that you can serve.

So how do you decide what parts of your story to tell? (‘Cause this question always comes up when we start to think about sharing).

Look back on the different points of your journey and find an earlier version of yourself that could have really used some help.

Ask yourself the following question:

>>What did she need?

>>With what you know now, what transformation could you lead her through?

>>How has your own journey allowed you to see a greater picture? What parts of your journey have been key to that?

>>Who would have been a good mentor for her back then? (It’s you right?!)

Journal on these question and use this information to identify what parts of your message could serve other women.

There are a million quotes about this…something like…

From your pain, comes your purpose and passion.

So tap into your story and let go of the struggle to find your “niche.”


…Notice who comes to work with you.

Those are your people. Those are the ones you can serve. You can adjust and pivot as you go, but let it be playful if you’re just getting started as a coach or healer.

Don’t get stuck in the vortex trying to muddle your way through.

Use the age of practice of storytelling and allow the process of niching to be organic.

So now over to you, what’s the one piece of advice your younger self could have benefited from?

Tell me in the comments and then go share it with someone who needs to hear it.


2 thoughts on “How To Attract Your Customers And Find Your Niche”

  1. .. wow.. I think it would be “do not nitpick”.. don’t get too wrapped up in the details that you don’t see the big picture!.. I learned this first hand.. the nitpicking.. from my mother.. but I realized as I got older that it wore down my confidence.. even as a very young child.. I wished I had seen this earlier as a young mother.. I expected perfection as a new parent.. of spouse.. and my kids.. and got all wrapped up in the little “stuff”. I was ALWAYS SO STRESSED! Now years later.. it is the big “stuff” I cherish.. sooo note to younger self.. lighten up.. relax.. be thankful.. be kind.. be in the moment.. the future will come soon enough.. it is not a race!! lov ya

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