A Simple 4-Step Framework for Getting Clear on Your Purpose


If you’re anything like my clients and myself, you KNOW you’re meant for more.

You see your future self speaking onstage, perhaps holding a book in your hands, or inspiring others women to transform their own lives.

But the moment you start dreaming, fear jumps in and starts messing with you, saying things like;

“Who am I to be bold and brilliant?”

“What’s my message anyway?”

“Will anyone listen?”

“How will I make money?”

“What if it doesn’t work out, then what?”

I hear you – the how, the what, the when…it’s all very overwhelming!

That’s why I’ve broken it down into 4 simple steps.

If you follow these 4 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating your own path to success and freedom (100% aligned with who you are).

Step 1 – Get Super Clear With Your Vision

When you see yourself in the future, when you allow your imagination to go wild, when there are no limiting beliefs that threaten to derail you, what’s there?

What is it that you see?

Are you onstage with Marie Forleo or Danielle Laporte?

A New York Times best-selling author?

A 6 or 7-figure business owner?

What’s the vision? Get clear, be expansive and write it out.

There are no limits here. This isn’t a time to play it safe or think small. Think big!

Step 2 – Unravel Your Purpose

Look back through your own writing on step #1.

Can you pick out any bits of what your divine purpose is?

Of this thing that’s bigger than you?

Of something that wants to come through you?

Can you see it wrapped up in what you’re doing or what you’re creating?

If not, that’s ok. This can be a tricky one to nail!

Try answering these questions if you need more clarity:

What’s a lesson you’ve had to learn time and time again?

What would you scream from the top of a roof if you were given a megaphone and two minutes to live?

What lights you up? Fires you up?

What do you do/create/speak of where you lose track of time?

Grab your journal, write it out and look for your own inner insights to lead the way.

Step 3 – Find the Soul Connection

Take a few minutes to get still and tap into your soul connection with this future woman.

Who is the woman in the picture of your future self?

What’s she wearing?

Who does she hang out with?

Where does she live?

What does her day look like?

How does it feel to be her?

Look around, and notice what is, but also what isn’t in her life.

Sometimes before you can go to the next stage, you have to peel back some of the layers of stuff that’s been weighing you down.

As much as this journey is about identifying a new path, it’s also about looking at the pieces of your existing life that you can let go of. Shedding the layers of what might not be aligned with where you’re destined to go.

Step 4 – Close the Gap with Actionables

Now for the fun stuff!

It’s super important in all of this to begin to close the gap with actionable steps that you can take on a day-to-day basis as you go forward.

Take some time to create a plan that captures weekly actions, 3-month actions, 6-month actions, and so on.

For example: if your vision includes becoming an author and a speaker – inspiring others to live a soulful life, your plan might be:

  • Carve out 3 hours per week to write a book outline and write draft chapters (weekly)
  • Find an editor to review drafted book (12-month)
  • Build the foundation of a business that brings in a sustainable income to get out of your 9-5 job (6-month)
  • Start working with clients on weekends to determine who you can help + how much to charge (weekly)
  • Host your first retreat (3-month)
  • Book the retreat location and finish the copy (weekly)
  • Post weekly blogs/do a Facebook live (weekly)

See how you need to break it down into tangible steps?

Things you can do to move forward with your vision.

I even take my list one step further, by writing out some the specifics. Perhaps I need to call a prospective client, or send an email, or research a venue.

I’m also a huge fan of sticky notes!

I write out my daily and weekly actionables that link to my bigger vision. I love crossing things off my list and seeing that I’m moving towards my master plan.

It’s all too easy to wonder if you’ll ever get there – without taking stock of how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved to be right where you are.

Success is achieved by combining a beautiful heartfelt vision, with strategic action.

Pair those two things up, and you’ll be powered by the support of the universe and your own soulful entrepreneurial drive.

Tell me in the comments below what you’re creating – I can’t wait to hear!


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